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The Conversation: Tuesday, October 20th 2015

From the Farm with Neal Conan; ?‘?kala 100; Kauai Coffee & Chocolate Festival

From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Will he or won’t he? After the Democrats debate, contradictory reports over Vice President Joe Biden say he's decided to run or he's decided not to, and still more say he hasn't decided. But everyone agrees that a key moment comes later this week when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears before the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi incident, where four Americans were killed. News analyst Neal Conan will be getting up early to watch the proceedings from his Mac nut farm on the Big Island, and he joined The Conversation as he does most Tuesday's to weigh in.

  • Intro Music:  Falling Back by Washed Out
  • Outro Music:  Chopping the Woods by East Forest

‘?‘?kala 100: Taurie Kinoshita

Taurie Kinoshita

Ghost stories make us think of the possibility of parallel worlds with supernatural beings watching us and occasionally entering our lives from beyond the veil.  Ancient Hawaiians believed there were portals to the spirit world close at hand and the students of the Windward Community College THEA 260 program will go through them in their production of  ‘?‘?kala 100, written for them by Susan Soon He Stanton and Directed by Taurie Kinoshita.

  • Intro Music:  Chopping the Woods by East Forest
  • Outro Music:  Katharsis Feri Remix by Stergios

Kauai Coffee & Chocolate Festival: Amy Hammond

Amy Hammond

There are people who don’t like coffee, and there may be people somewhere who don’t like chocolate, but there can’t be too many who don’t like either one.   That pretty much assures the Kauai Coffee & Chocolate Festival in Hanapepe town of a wide audience, but event organizer Amy Hammond has left nothing to chance. She has been working to put together a series of coffee and chocolate-related attractions, and she joined the show via phone to tell us about them. The Kauai Coffee & Chocolate Festival runs all day Friday and Saturday in Hanapepe town.

  • Intro Music:  White Chocolate Mocha by Creative Coffee
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