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The Conversation: Thursday, October 15th 2015

IHS Seeking Donations for Sand Island Homeless Shelter; Talk Story Festival; Hawaii Economic Association 2015 Conference Keynote Speaker Sean McGuire

IHS Seeking Donations for Sand Island Homeless Shelter: Kimo Carvalho

Kimo Carvalho

There are models and philosophies to counter homelessness and then there’s the reality of what can be done short term.  At Honolulu’s Institute of Human Services, they are acutely aware of those facts and the price tags for coping with present needs in the absence of low income affordable housing. As IHS is readying the new Sand Island shelter, there are basic items that aren’t in the budget and left to the Institute for Human Services to acquire. Kimo Carvalho is the Community Relations Director and Spokesperson for the Institute for Human Services, Hawaii’s oldest and largest center for homeless services located on Oahu. He has aggressively worked on Waikiki homeless initiatives, which have moved about 300 homeless individuals into shelter, housing, and assistance with airline relocation out of state. Kimo is now working with IHS to open a new modular shelter (Hale Mauliola) located at Sand Island.

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Talk Story Festival: Jeff Gere

Jeff Gere

Storyteller Jeff Gere always gives an animated presentation. One that gives you the impression he has a hard time sitting still.   That impression is confirmed when you hear about his recent travels in Thailand, India, Romania and Taiwan where he told stories and acquired a few new ones along the way.  He’s back home for this Saturday’s Talk Story Festival, and he joined the show in studio to tell us more about it. The Talk Story Festival runs this Saturday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at McCoy Pavillion in Honolulu’s Ala Moana Park.   It’s a free event. 

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Hawaii Economic Association 2015 Conference Keynote: Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire

For most countries, measuring economic prosperity still means measuring GDP. Since Bhutan’s metric, the Gross National Happiness, migrated to the outside world, other countries are looking at success a little differently. Earlier this year, the UN initiative Sustainable Development Solutions Network published their third happiness report, a ranking of the happiest and unhappiest countries. Tomorrow, the Hawaii Economic Association will consider how several metrics might be leveraged. They’ll ask this question:  Without losing economic prosperity, can Hawai‘i also bring environmental sustainability and societal quality of life into our core measures of well-being? Keynote speaker Sean McGuire is Benton County Oregon’s Sustainability Coordinator and he joined The Conversation for a discussion prior to the HEA Conference tomorrow.

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