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The Conversation: Wednesday, October 14th 2015

James Kimo Garrett

US Dept of Interior and Native Hawaiian Relations; Rough Riders; Kauai Forest Bird Guessing Game


US Dept of Interior and Native Hawaiian Relations: Derek Kauanoe

Derek Kauanoe

From the 106th through the 111th Congress, the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act failed to be passed. For over a decade, Senator Daniel Akaka introduced and reintroduced the bill, often referred to as the Akaka bill, to reorganize a single Hawaiian governing entity and pave the way for a government to government relationship with the United States. Over the last year, that process shifted to the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Derek Kauanoe co-teaches federal Indian law at the William S. Richardson School of Law and he joined the show in our studio to share his thoughts on the subject.

  • Intro Music:  Made For Pleasure by The New Mastersounds
  • Outro Music:  The Myna Bird's Dobro by Keola Beamer

Rough Riders: Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono, John Cruz, and Brother Noland are seasoned solo performers, each with a strong individual identity… so when they team up as the Rough Riders, they have a chance to create something greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the challenge and the opportunity presented by their new venture as a performing trio, and just as the concluding concert of their debut tour rolls around, Henry is joined us in our studio to talk about how it’s all working out. The Rough Riders will perform on October 23rd at the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu.

  • Intro Music:  The Myna Bird's Dobro by Keola Beamer
  • Outro Music:  Island Boy by Henry Kapono

Kauai Forest Bird Guessing Game: Lisa "Cali" Crampton

Lisa "Cali" Crampton

Credit Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project

There’s a new generation coming up with a strong awareness of environment issues and the determination to resolve them, and savvy educators look for ways to reach them in the media they understand best.   That’s the goal of a new illustrated book for children published by the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project called Who Am I? A Kauai Forest Bird Guessing Game.    Cali" Crampton is the Project Leader, and she joined The Conversation via phone to tell us how the book came about.

  • Intro Music:  Moves Like Jagger by Sabrina with Sample from "Voices of Hawaii's Birds"
  • Outro Music:  Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day
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