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The Conversation: Tuesday, October 6th 2015

GIH Questions DOI Rule; Preparing for Miss Hawaii USA; From the Farm; The Pet Hui

Proposed Dept. of the Interior Rule Questioned: Dr. Keli`i Akina

Dr. Keli`i Akina

Should the native Hawaiian community be treated as a single entity?  That’s how it’s described in the Dept. of Interior’s Proposal for the creation of a Native Hawaiian Government… and does the Department have the authority to make such a proposal?  Dr. Keli’iAkina, President and CEO of Grassroot Institute of Hawaii raise those questions and others, and he sat down with us this morning.

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Preparing for Miss Hawaii USA Pageant: Michelle Targonski

Michelle Targonski

We’ve all seen the end results, the beautiful contestants walking across the stage, but there is a lot more preparation than most people realize that goes into the Miss Hawaii USA pageant. Michelle Targonski, Miss Diamond Head USA is here to tell us more about the fitness training, interview coaching, talent practice and how grueling the entire competition truly is behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. Michelle’s a professional dancer who started her competing at the age of 5, leading to a national finalist ranking for Dancer of the Year in 2009. She is on stage nightly with the Burning Love Waikiki show and will take part in the Miss Hawaii USA pageant this November at the Convention Center.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Our correspondent Neal Conan keeps an eye on far-off events from his mac nut farm in Hawi, because he knows they have a way of affecting us all.  As Russia steps up its military involvement in Syria with a call for so-called “volunteers” and millions flee the country, he wonders where it all might be headed. 

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The Pet Hui: Denby Dung

Denby Dung

  Research has shown that pets help people live longer lives. Those who have their favorite furry friends, cats, dogs, bunnies and more, know that sometimes they are the first ones to greet us at the end of a long day, and can bring a much needed smile with their silly antics. The Pet Hui is a tv series that features compelling stories, health tips, and more, hosted by our in-studio guest Denby Dung. She’s got three dogs at home in addition to her family, and she is here to tell us about how her pets have changed her family’s lives for the better.

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