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The Conversation: Tuesday, September 8th 2015

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Molokai Community Plan Extension; Nisei Veteran Legacy Center’s Joint Memorial Service; From the Farm; Billie Holiday Tribute Concert

Molokai Community Plan Extension: Steve Chaikin

Steve Chaikin

To some who would say community input usually gets ignored, the Molokai community would say not this time. Nearing the end of a 6 month process to comment on the draft of a plan to guide Molokai over the next ten years, some residents felt they were just getting warmed up. They wanted more time especially after four meetings had been cancelled because of possible bad weather. They got their extension from the Maui County Council and the community now has until October 30 to comment on the draft community plan. Steve Chaikin is the Chair of Molokai’s Community Plan Advisory Committee and he joined the show to talk about the plan.

  • Intro Music: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
  • Outro Music:  Moloka`i Sweet Home by Kohala

Nisei Veteran Legacy Center’s Joint Memorial Service: Byrnes Yamashita

Byrnes Yamashita

The heroism of Hawaii’s Nisei in the Second World War is a story with a capacity to inspire each new generation, but only if it’s kept alive in memory by those who understand its historic importance and its emotional impact.   Those stories are best told by the remaining survivors and their family members, and the Nisei Veteran Legacy Center has taken on the mission of gathering their memories into a living memorial.  Byrnes Yamashita is a member of the Nisei Veteran Legacy Center who is coordinating its 10th Annual Joint Memorial Service Sunday, September 27, 2015 at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

  • Intro Music: Wakare No Isochidori by Sparky Iwamoto & Japanese Modernaires Orchestra
  • Outro Music: Yuhi Wa Haruka (Far Away Sunset) by Harold Sasahara & Japanese Modernaires Orchestra

From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Each week we check in with Neal Conan. These days, he combines his radio journalist life with a relatively new existence as a macadamia nut farmer. Current events are never far from his mind, and you may have heard The Pacific News Minute that he produces for HPR. In this segment, he took a look at drones and we asked if it had anything to do with yesterday’s story about the UK drone strike in Syria.

  • Intro Music: Waiting by Nomo
  • Outro Music: Huaka`I by Patrick Landeza

Billie Holiday Tribute Concert: Shari Lynn

Shari Lynn

A singer is first and foremost a communicator, and singers who can put across the meaning of a song are all too rare.   One of the late Billie Holiday’s great gifts was her ability to make each song her own, and make the listener feel as if he or she is hearing it for the first time. Her work has been a source of inspiration to Shari Lynn throughout her career, and she’ll be singing Billie’s songs as part of A Century of Great Voices" concert at La Pietra this Sunday at La Pietra.  Jimmy Borges will join her singing Frank Sinatra tunes as well.  The evnt takes place Sunday, Sept. 13 during La Pietra's 16th "Sunset Jazz" fundraiser on the school's Great Lawn.  

  • Intro Music: Good Morning Heartache by Billie Holiday
  • Outro Music: On The Sunny Side Of The Street by Billie Holiday
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