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The Conversation: Thursday, August 27th 2015

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LGBT Tourism; School Beautification Award; From the Farm; Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative Wiliwili Fest

LGBT Tourism: Juergen Steinmetz

Juergen Steinmetz

If there is one true fact proven again over these last few years, it's that tourism is still the backbone of Hawaii's economy. But lately, the LGBT community has been wondering about marketing efforts on its behalf. Enter the recently formed LGBT Hawaii Tourism Association. The group held a meeting of stakeholders earlier this month and is running a crowdfunding campaign to pay for staff and marketing. Juergen Steinmetz is the founder of LGBT Hawaii and the co-founder and publisher of eTurboNews.

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School Beautification Award: Gregory Wrenn

Gregory Wrenn

Students do better at school and enjoy the experience a great deal more when they work to beautify their physical environment, and teams of parents, students, and teachers at schools around the state have done just that through campus beautification projects. One local foundation is working to encourage that effort with an annual award for public and charter schools that have completed work on their facilities. There’s still time for schools to take part in the Cooke Foundation School Beautification Award so we talked about it with foundation trustee Gregory Wrenn.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Neal Conan is a regular contributor to HPR with the Pacific News Minute. It's part of his ongoing radio career now originating from his Hawaii Island property where he also raises organic macadamia nuts. We talk about how he combines both lives in our weekly conversation from the farm. 

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Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative Wiliwili Fest: Jennifer Lawson

Jennifer Lawson

It’s flowering season for the wiliwili tree in Hawaii’s dry land forests and that’s cause for celebration for several reasons. The wiliwili is one of the relatively few native trees that have survived through the centuries and its continued survival holds many lessons for us. The Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative’s Jennifer Lawson joined the show to share some of them.

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