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The Conversation: Tuesday, August 4th 2015

The Washington Ballet / Dean Alexander
The Washington Ballet / Dean Alexander

The Conversation: Tuesday, August 4th 2015

Response to Ernie Martin’s Comments on Homelessness: Michael Anthony


After last week's conversation with Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin about his perspective on the homeless encampment in Kakaako, we got a phone call. It was from a man who is homeless by choice. He is a visual artist living in Kaka’ako and he says homeless people like himself. are being misrepresented.

  • Intro Music: Diamond Head by The Ventures
  • Outro Music:  In This Darkness We Disappear by Final Days Society

Washington Ballet Artistic Director: Septime Webre


Few works of art have resisted aging like Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass. 150 years along, they refuse to become dated because of the way they liberate the imagination, allowing us to feel right at home in a world where nothing makes sense. Ballet director pays homage to that world as he liberates his own imagination with ALICE (in Wonderland), which is coming to the Blaisdell Concert Hall this weekend.

  • Intro Music:  Alice in Wonderland Suite IX, The Flower Garden Part 2 by The Royal Philharmonic
  • Outro Music:  Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass: Suite V Finale by Alfred Reynolds

TPP Discussion: Dr. Michael Plummer


Negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership ended last week without solutions to barriers blocking the final agreement. So what about the next round? According to some analysts, an agreement on the TPP is only a matter of time. East West Center nonresident Senior Fellow Michael Plummer has been in Hawaii for the Maui meeting. He specializes in Asia Pacific trade and is the director of the School of Advanced International Studies Europe, at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Intro Music: Don’t Go Awash in this Digital Landscape by Codes in the Clouds
  • Outro Music: Dollar Underwater by Moonlit Sailor

Melodie Soul Children’s CD


It’d be tempting to describe Liz Davis, AKA Melodie Soul, as a kind of dual personality: elementary school teacher by day, high-energy soul singer by night.   But that’s too simple, and anyway, the two roles aren’t too far apart.   Her gift is communication, whether in a classroom or onstage, and with her new children’s CD, they’re closer than ever.   The single is called “My Car.”

  • Intro Music: My Car by Melodie Soul
  • Outro Music: My Car by Melodie Soul
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