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The Conversation: Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Leland A. Cook

The Long View; The Providential Life & Heritage of Henry Obookiah; HECO Solar Proposal; Mindfulness Lectures

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

You know the definition of insanity... doing the same thing and expecting a different result. As it turns out, perhaps you don't need to be insane to believe a repeated act can bring a different outcome, especially if you’re a politician. Contributing Editor Neal Milner joined the show with an analysis of some recent work by Hamline University professor, David Schultz.

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The Providential Life & Heritage of Henry Obookiah: Chris Cook

Chris Cook

Henry Obookiah was born on Hawaii Island in 1792, and died at the age of 26 – a short life with a long legacy.   Obookiah was one of the first Hawaiians to convert to Christianity and he’s considered a pioneer in spreading the Christian message and in translating the Gospels into the Hawaiian language.   Chris Cook reflects on his continued influence in his book "The Providential Life & Heritage of Henry Obookiah: Why Did Missionaries from New England and Tahiti Come to Hawaii?"   He’s giving a free talk about it this evening at the Kauai Museum.

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HECO Solar Proposal: Jim Alberts

Jim Alberts

Will HECO customers with new PV solar systems make HECO their customer? That depends on what happens with the latest HECO request to change their fee schedule and whether the exchange between HECO and homeowner is construed to be a sales transaction. Critics are suggesting the proposed structure carries with it some hidden tax possibilities and they question whether the proposal is a cloaked endeavor to hinder the growth of solar in Hawaii. HECO Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Jim Alberts, joined the show to provide some clarity on the proposed changes.

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Mindfulness Lectures: Mary Burgess

Mary Burgess

Schools often seek to fill our minds with information without focusing much attention on the mind itself: how it works, what it can absorb, how we can focus our awareness.   The ancient Buddhist study of just how the mind works has given us the contemporary notion of “mindfulness,” which can be loosely defined as “living in the moment.” Mary Burgess teaches mindfulness to both students and faculty at The St. Andrew's Schools in Honolulu and it’s the subject of two free lectures she’s giving next week.

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