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The Conversation: Monday, June 29th 2015

Ben Decastro and Streetlight Cadence

Medicare Cuts Result in $3.3 Billion Less for Hawaii Hospitals; Streetlight Cadence; Urban Growth Boundaries and Saving the Ka Iwi Coast; “Politics, Environment, and Love in Hawaii, China and Zimbabwe”

Medicare Cuts Result in $3.3 Billion Less for Hawaii Hospitals: Peter Sybinsky

Peter Sybinsky

In any discussion of health care costs, the word “runaway” keeps cropping up.   Most of us have a general perception that they’re going up in all areas, but we’re not sure how or why.    Peter Sybinsky is the CEO of Hawaii Health Information Corporation, which is looking at the added burden Hawaii hospitals will take on as Medicare funding declines.   HHIC is projecting a $3.3 billion loss in the next decade, and Peter joined the show to tell us what the impact is likely to be.

  •  Intro Music:  Don't Look Away by The Helio Sequence
  • Outro Music:  A Century Under The Influence by Moonlit Sailor

Streetlight Cadence: Jonathon Franklin

Jonathon Franklin

Music stirs the soul, invokes passion and emotion, and helps to tell a story for the world to hear. Streetlight Cadence, a 4 member acoustic ensemble, has been performing original songs in a synthesis of styles ranging from classical to folk to pop. The musicians play violin, guitar, cello, and an accordion. The group has garnered an international fan-base and won many awards including the No Hoku Honohono award for alternative album of the year. Jonathon Franklin joined the show alongside bandmate Chaz Umamoto to share the Streetlight Cadence story and a brand new tune.

  • Intro Music:  Summer by Streetlight Cadence
  • Outro Music:  Thinking of You by Streetlight Cadence



Urban Growth Boundaries and Saving the Ka Iwi Coast: Ann Marie Kirk

Ann Marie Kirk

Urban growth often seems to have a mind of its own and as long as there’s money to be made from a scenic spot, someone’s going to try to develop it.  O’ahu’s Ka Iwi coastline is at the very spot where city becomes country as you drive around the island, so perhaps it’s inevitable that it should become the focus of an effort to keep it undeveloped in perpetuity.   Ann Marie Kirk is a member of the Board of Directors for Livable Hawaii Kai Hui and the head of its Cultural Committee. She joined us in our studio to talk about saving the Ka Iwi coast.

  • Intro Music: Red Shifting by The Helio Sequence
  • Outro Music: Slackmenco by Makana and Jeff Peterson

“Politics, Environment, and Love in Hawaii, China and Zimbabwe”: Kathryn Takara

Kathryn Takara

Robert Frost once said “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Kathryn Takara has certainly found inspiration from her experiences and thoughts about the varied worlds she has lived in. She is a retired professor from the University of Hawaii, author, lecturer, poet, and publisher of Pacific Raven Press. Her work “Politics, Environment and Love in Hawaii, China and Zimbabwe” spans the globe and she joined the show via phone to tell us more.

  • Intro Music: Hope by Moonlit Sailor
  • Outro Music: Silent State Optimizer by Leech
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