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The Conversation: Thursday, June 25th 2015

Strive HI; USDA Summer Travel; UH Sit-Lie Study; Kody Riehl

Discussion of Strive HI: Mireille Elsworth

Mireille Elsworth

  Public education in Hawaii, at least for the next three years, will be guided by a homegrown school accountability and improvement system called Strive HI.   The State Department of Education has been granted – quote – “unconditional flexibility” from provisions of No Child Left Behind.   As always with performance evaluations in the field of education, we find ourselves wondering what gets measured and how that measuring is done.  Mireille Elsworth is a teacher at Waiakea High School in Hilo.  She has been a public school teacher both in Hawaii and Guam for the past 18 years, and she’s helped us to sort it all out.

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USDA Summer Travel : Chris Tokumaru

Chris Tokumaru

Have you ever headed to the mainland and wondered if there really is a big problem with bringing your favorite Hawaiian fruit back home? What about bringing a lei to your auntie from the islands?  Can smuggling in something small really make a difference? Well, the US Department of Agriculture thinks so, and it’s important enough for them to create a new campaign of awareness “Can I Bring It?” Chris Tokumaru, Agriculture Specialist with the United States Customs and Border Protection, joined the show to tell us more.

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UH Sit-Lie Study: Sarah Soakai

Sarah Soakai

Government often seems to be throwing every tool at its disposal at the homeless problem, which continues to grow at a faster pace than any of its proposed solutions.   Measures like the controversial “Sit-Lie” Bill and practices like police sweeps have gone ahead with or without data to support them.   Now a study by students in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UH Mano’a has challenged assumptions about sit-lie and sweeps, and finds them doing far more harm than good.   Sarah Soakai is a co-author of the study, and she joined the show in our studios to talk about it.   

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https://vimeo.com/125935773">Musician, Singer-Songwriter: Kody Riehl

Kody Riehl

Just like Hawaii is considered a melting pot of different cultures, so to is our next guest’s musical style. Kody Riehl has followed many different musical genres in his life, but when it came time to create his own unique sound, he found a way to fuse a little bit of reggae, island style, a little bit of funk, an acoustic sound, and a whole lot of soul. His journey to establishing a musical career came with a true bolt of electricity and has taken him down a path to establishing his own unique sound and style, proving you don’t have to pick just one type of music to love or to write.

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