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The Conversation: Monday, June 22nd 2015

Palmyra Atoll Renewable Energy; Kauai Kau Wela Summer Fest; The Barriers Homeless Face in Accessing Permanent Housing; Chalkboard Artist

Palmyra Atoll Renewable Energy: David Sellers

David Sellers

Some of the most daunting problems can be solved by scaling them down to a manageable level and that seems to be what has happened at Palmyra Atoll, where the Nature Conservancy is expected to cut fossil fuel use at its research station by 95%.   The switch to wind and solar energy has freed up more than half the operating budget for the research station, and could offer an object lesson for energy-strapped Hawaii, still hamstrung by its fossil fuel dependence.   David Sellers is the acting director for the Nature Conservancy’s Palmyra Atoll research station, and he joined us in our studio.

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Kauai Kau Wela Summer Fest: Ilima Rivera

Ilima Rivera

“Strengthen and Reunite;” it’s the motto for the Kaua'i Kau Wela Summer Festival, a celebration of tradition on the Garden Isle that goes back centuries – the kind that are kept alive by people like Ilima Rivera, founder and director of the event. The goal is to educate people about Hawaiian culture but also to keep everyone entertained. Ilima has been busy organizing this weekend’s cultural festival on the garden isle and she joined the show with an update on how it’s going.

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The Barriers Homeless Face in Accessing Permanent Housing: Trisha Kajimura

Trisha Kajimura

Society is tying itself in knots trying to solve the problem of homelessness, with concerted efforts underway from the public and the private sector… but are we doing enough to break down barriers for those trying to leave homelessness behind?   We know there are many working homeless out there, trying to support growing children while they try to climb onto the bottom rung of the housing market… and for many of them, the cost of the electric deposit on an apartment is one obstacle too many.    Trisha Kajimura is the Social Policy Director at Catholic Charities Hawaii, which wants to do something about that.

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Chalkboard Artist: Erin Miller

Erin Miller

When you think of culinary artistry, most people think of what’s on the plate, but what about what’s on the walls? Erin Miller came to Hawaii and started working at Murphys’ but what she really loved to do was create artistic menus, pictures, and more. Known for her excellent handwriting, she made a name for herself as Hawaii’s own chalkboard artist. You have probably seen her work if you’ve been to Fergusson’s, Tropics Tap House, Hawaiian Brian’s and more. Erin joined the show to tell us more about her inspiration to create beautiful, but often short lived artwork.

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