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The Conversation: Friday, June 5th 2015

Brett Simison

Haleakala Solar Telescope Compared to TMT; Trust Your Intuition: Finding Peace of Mind; Maui Hospital and HHSC Maui Region Update; Pottery

Haleakala Solar Telescope Compared to TMT: Ki'ope Raymond

K??ope Raymond

Hawaii has its issues with telescopes. It wasn't that long ago that the telescope project taking our attention was the now half finished one atop Haleakala, named after the late Senator Daniel Inouye. The solar telescope went through two years in a contested case brought by the opposition group, Kilakila O Haleakala. And in April an appeal was heard by the Hawaii Supreme Court. Now with attention on Mauna Kea's Thirty Meter Telescope, how do Maui activists view that project? Ki'ope Raymond is an associate professor of Hawaii Studies at UH Maui and President of Kilakila O Haleakal?, and he joined the show to weigh in.

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Trust Your Intuition - Finding Peace of Mind: Shannon Paapanen

Shannon Paapanen

Shannon Paapanen is the Maui Chapter representative of the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. She’s giving a talk called “Trust Your Intuition: Finding Peace Of Mind” next Thursday, June 11th, at the Kalama Heights Senior Center in Kihei, Maui. 

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Maui Hospital and HHSC Maui Region Update: Avery Chumbley

Avery Chumbley

Success often hinges on the synergy between partners. On Maui, the state owned hospitals are counting on that. They're looking for a private partner as allowed by a bill Governor Ige is expected to sign. Additional criteria added into the bill before it passed this last session brought another suitor in addition to bill promoter, Hawaii Pacific Health. Recently, Kaiser Permanente has also offered itself as a potential partner for the Maui region of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation. Avery Chumbley is the chair of Maui Hospitals’ Board of Directors and he joined the show with an update on where things are at now.

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Pottery: Shannon Hickey

Shannon Hickey

Shannon Hickey is a Hawaii Island ceramicist whose work will be on display next weekend at the 7th Annual Volcano Pottery Sale on the Niaulani Campus of the Volcano Art Center in Volcano Village.

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