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The Conversation: Tuesday, May 26th 2015

National Identity in Japan and South Korea; Defending the Caveman; Joe Souki and the Ethics Commission; West Hawaii Dance

National Identity in Japan and South Korea: Brad Glosserman

Brad Glosserman

You would think that countries with democracy and a market economy in common might work closely together. But although both Japan and South Korea are US allies, how much they work together with the US often splits along issues of national identity. That has prompted a call for a Grand Bargain among all three countries from two scholars in a book out today. The Japan-South Korea Identity Clash: East Asian Security and the United Statesis coauthored by Pacific Forum CSIS Executive Director Brad Glosserman, who joined us in studio to discuss it.

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Defending the Caveman: Vince Valentine

Vince Valentine

The so-called “caveman” approach to male-female relationships has fallen out of favor in the last few centuries, but it lingers in the male consciousness… perhaps more than some males may care to admit. Vince Valentine has been performing in the show “Defending the Caveman” for more than a decade now. It’s a show that finds the comedy in the gender gap and he’s bringing it to the Hawaii Theatre tomorrow.

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Joe Souki and the Ethics Commission: Colin Moore

Colin Moore

Could Ethics Commission Executive Director Les Kondo soon be out of a job? That may well depend on what happens following tomorrow's meeting of the Ethics Commission. Kondo's performance as ED is being formally evaluated for the first time in 3 years and that suits House Speaker Joe Souki. Last month the speaker sent a letter urging the Commission to untether itself from Kondo's influence and to look back to its previous policies before Kondo was hired. We called UH Professor Colin Moore for an analysis of the power play.

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West Hawaii Dance: Virginia Holte

Virginia Holte

Classical ballet remains the ultimate discipline in the art of dance and mastery of classical technique can open the door to almost any other style the dancer chooses. Virginia Holte, artistic director of the West Hawaii Dance Theatre, has seen how her students benefit from performing such works as Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Ballet as they were first intended. Her dancers are presenting the ballet Saturday as it was originally choreographed in 1890 by Marius Petipa, ballet master of the Russian Imperial Ballet.

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