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Future of JABSOM; Kauai Chorale's Heart and Soul; Constitutionality of Sit-Lie Bill; Permaculture


Friday, May 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Future of JABSOM: Dean Jerris Hedges

Jerris Hedges

The UH John A. Burns School of Medicine and its Cancer Center have had their share of problems in the past and coming  into the 2015 legislative session, the economic challenges were spelled out in a report. Near the end of the session concerns over the deficit were linked to a potential loss of accreditation. The session is now over, and Dean Jerris Hedges is looking to the future - including a detailed business plan for the school he has yet to create.

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Kauai Chorale's Heart and Soul: Lois Ricciardi

Lois Ricciardi

Styles of music from around the world may sound different, but they’re all the same in a way… as celebrations of the best in ourselves: our capacity to inspire, to love, and to hope.   The Kauai Chorale, now in its 52nd year, is an all-volunteer community choir that welcomes all ages and levels of musical experience and training, and its 70 voices are presenting a concert of music from the Heart and Soul this weekend.  Lois Ricciardi is its director, and she joined us by phone with a rundown of what the show will offer.

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Constitutionality of Sit-Lie Bill: Andrea Freeman

Andrea Freeman

Making a weighty decision usually needs time. As of today, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is deciding whether he wants to sign the latest expansion of Sit-Lie law. It was approved by the City Council and while in many ways the argument hasn’t changed, UH Law Professor Andrea Freeman says neither have the questions of constitutionality.

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Permaculture Classes: Wade Bauer

Wade Bauer

If you’ve got a garden, or want to have one, what should you plant?   Are you making the most of your environment, planting what suits it best? Even experienced home gardeners can have much to learn about things like plant propagation, composting, and the emerging science of permaculture.   Wade Bauer offers a weekly workshop in permaculture on Hawaii Island, and he joined the show by phone to tell us about them.

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