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Mark Takai - 100 Days in Office; Where The Mountain Meets The Moon; Navy Training Lawsuit; HIFF


Monday, April 6th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

100 Days in Office: Congressman Mark Takai

Mark Takai

Next week marks a milestone for Congressman Mark Takai. He will have been in office for 100 days. For many, the first 100 days are a blueprint, the time a leader reveals his agenda and how he or she intends to achieve it. Over these last few months, national and global issues have taken out attention - keystone, funding home land security, the nuclear negotiations with Iran, the ongoing rancor within Congress. So what does that mean for the agenda of a freshman Congressman from Hawaii? Mark Takai is home from Washington for a few days and he joined us in our studio.

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Where The Mountain Meets The Moon: Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

We can only envy children’s ability to live in a world of magic – they seem to travel so easily through their imagination – and a savvy children’s-book author knows how to tap into that energy.  If a writer can pass on some life lessons along the way, so much the better. That’s what Grace Lin did in Where the Mountains Meet the Moon, the story of a girl who lives in a world of magic and how she learns to face life’s challenges.   The popular novel has been adapted for the stage at Honolulu Theater for Youth and Eric Johnson is the director.

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Navy Training Lawsuit: David Henkin

David Henkin

In December 2013, Earthjustice sued the Navy on behalf of several environmental groups. At issue was the Navy's sonar training exercises in waters off Hawaii and Southern California... specifically the mammals that would be killed or injured as a result. Last week a federal judge agreed the training violated environmental laws. I talked with Earthjustice attorney David Henkin and asked why we can have those laws violated and continue to see frequent lawsuits to make the point.

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HIFF Spring Showcase: Anderson Le

Anderson Le

Mainstream movies, the ones you can expect to see at the multiplex, come in seasons, like produce, with the best harvest to be expected in midsummer and the end-of the-year Oscar season. That makes this an excellent time to enjoy the movies that come to the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Spring Showcase. As the mainstream grows ever more formulaic, world cinema is exploding, as Anderson Le, Program Director, joined the show to remind us.

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