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HB508; See Me Naked; SB675; Screenwriting Workshop


Thursday, March 26th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HB508, Hemp Bill: Russell Ruderman

Russell Ruderman

Just when it seemed the Senate hemp bill had stopped dead in its tracks, we are again talking hemp. What makes that possible is that language from the original bill has been inserted into the latest draft of a bill providing subsidies for animal feed producers. If it passes, farmers would have the chance to develop hemp seed suitable to our climate. State Senator Russell Ruderman is one of the latest champions of hemp and he joined the show via phone.

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See Me Naked: Maria Glanz

Maria Glanz

Clothes do a lot more than keep out the wind and the rain; they’re a kind of armor, an affirmation of who we are – and without them, we’re naked in all kinds of ways.  That’s the premise of See Me Naked, a one-woman show Maria Glanz has been performing since 2001. It’s a show about the ways we choose to reveal ourselves, and Maria joined us in studio to talk about it.

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SB675, Firefighters Comprehensive Medical: Socrates Bratakos

Socrates Bratakos

Firefighters know their occupation is filled with risk. You probably know that, too.  What you may not know is that the risks also include a higher chance of certain cancers, notably lung and  leukemia.  A 2010 study looked at and expanded previous research of a group of  US firefighters from San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia over the years 1950 through 2009. In the 5 years since the initial report, researchers have updated it annually, including earlier this year. All of that is not news to Hawaii firefighters. Many say they’ve seen first-hand what exposure has brought to their ranks and why a bill to provide comprehensive medical coverage through workers' compensation should be passed this session.  SB675, SD2, HD1 is now on its way to the House finance committee. Socrates Bratakos is the Assistant Chief of the Honolulu Fire Department, and he joined the show via phone to provide his thoughts on the matter.

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Screenwriting Workshop: Gordy Hoffman

Gordy Hoffman

Gordy Hoffman is a screenwriter who will be offering a workshop called “Making Your Movie: The Business of Film Production” this evening for Pacific New Media on the UH Campus.   Gordy Hoffman`s screenplay, Love Liza, won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.   He’s currently an instructor at the UCLA Professional Program.

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