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Urinalysis Case; Garden Isle Orchid Society; Disaster Management; Makauwahi Cave


Monday, March 23rd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Federal Court Order, Urinalysis: Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf is a nationally recognized constitutional lawyer.  A partner at Peiffer Rosca Wolf, he has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and courts of appeals throughout the country. His firm and the ACLU sued Hawaii County on behalf of a woman who did not want to submit to urinalysis as a condition of her desk job. 

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Garden Isle Orchid Society: Ada Koene

Ada Koene

Ada Koene is a member of The Garden Island Orchid Society, which will be having its Annual Spring Fantasy Orchid Show this Friday and Saturday at the United Church of Christ in Hanap?p?. At the same time, the Kaua’i Art and Orchids Festival will be held in historic Hanapepe Town.

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Disaster Management: Dr. Mark Keim

Dr. Mark Keim

Dr.Mark Keim retired from a career at the Centers for Disease Control and is the founder and CEO of DisasterDoc, LLC, an international consultant firm located in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Keim twice received the US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service for his work as co-lead of the CDC emergency operations during the World Trade Center and Anthrax letter emergencies in 2001 and again for Hurricane Katrina in 2006. In 2005, he received the CDC Special Service Award for leading the US health response in Indonesia after the Indian Ocean tsunami. He is visiting Hawaii this week as a special keynote speaker at the 2015 Pacific Risk Management 'Ohana (PRiMO) conference focused on disaster management and resiliency for island and coastal communities. 

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Makauwahi Cave Tours: David Burney

David Burney

  Opportunities to see Hawaii as it once was are all too rare… especially if you wonder what these islands were like before people came here.   You can get a hint from Hawaii’s largest limestone cave: Makauwahi Cave on Kaua’o. It’s a place of living history whose caretakers are not only gathering together fossil relics, they’re restoring native habitat in the surrounding area.   They’re offering tours this Thursday, Kuhio Day, and Dr. David Burney of the Makauwahi Cave Reserve joined the show to tell us more.

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