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Best and Worst Cities; New Tillotson Novel; US-Thailand Relations; Maintaining Haleakala Park


Tuesday, March 10th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

 2015’s Best and Worst Cities for Women: Cathy Betts

Cathy Betts

Cathy Betts is the Executive Director of the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women. Click here to see The Wallet Hub survey of the best and worst  states for women.

Intro Music:  Ten Tigers by Bonobo  
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"What You Will on Capitol Hill”: Richard Tillotson

Richard Tillotson

Satire will always have a home as long as there’s a Washington DC... Its inner workings often illustrate Churchill’s adage that democracy is the worst possible form of government, except for all the others.   Washington insiders can be seen as putting on a show, altering their identities as needed in a comical roundelay…. Honolulu author Richard Tillotson looks at DC as a Shakespearian Comedy of manners in his new novel “What You Will on Capitol Hill.”

Intro Music:  Even After All by Finley Quaye  
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US-Thailand Relations: Professor Kerry Gershaneck

Prof. Kerry Gershaneck

Credit Kerry Gershaneck

Kerry Gershaneck is a senior associate with Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic & International Studies. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Royal Thai Military Academy--Thailand’s West Point. He recently returned from 17 months in Thailand.

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Haleakala Crater Service Trip: Matt Wordeman

Matt Wordeman

Matt Wordeman is the President of the Friends of Haleakala National Park, which maintains a regular schedule of service trips in the Park  - and is always welcoming volunteers.   The Friends have filled their roster for their next weekend-long service trip in Haleakala Crater, but there’ll be plenty more.    

Intro Music:  Kilakilo `O Haleakal? by Jesse Kalima
Outro Music:Aloha No N?  K?puna O Maui by Pono 

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