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Charter School House Bills; Song Without Words; Domestic Violence Bills; Living Abled & Healthy


Monday, February 9th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation


Charter School Bills-HB232, HB233, HB1251, HB831: Lynn Finnegan

Lynn Finnegan

For as long as Hawaii has had charter schools, the state has also been peppered with complaints of facilities funding inequality. Charter schools have been left to their own devices to get and keep their campuses. This year, lawmakers will take another run at authorizing how that might better be done, as they tried to do last session.  And in the wake of the revocation of a charter school, lawmakers will also grapple with the protocol for closure. Lynn Finnegan is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Charter Schools Network.

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“Song Without Words” Robert Pennybacker

Robert Pennybacker

Local filmmaker Robert Pennybacker has taken on an ambitious project. A movie shot in black-and-white with improvised dialogue, whose spirit evokes the French New wave of the 1960’s. But as any collaborative project must, it has taken on a life beyond what its originator might have imagined. “Song Without Words” is the latest installment Robert’s Honolulu/urban trilogy.

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Domestic Violence Bill, HB538: Michelle Rocca

Michelle Rocca

Getting a woman out of a dangerous relationship and into safety usually means cutting off everyone and everything. How to disconnect from legal and financial entanglements that tie her to the relationship may not readily come to mind - but cell phone contracts, rental agreements and others are the reasons behind some of the domestic violence legislation this session. Michelle Rocca is the Training & Technical Assistance Director for the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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Living Abled and Healthy: Chris Brigham

Chris Brigham

Our lives can too easily lives fall apart when an injury or a catastrophic illness lays us low. Events can spiral out of control, leaving us with the feeling that we no longer control our own destiny. Chris Brigham has seen it again and again in his medical practice and want people to know it doesn’t have to be that way.  He has put what he has learned into his book, Living Abled and Healthy: Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery.

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