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Koichi Wakata; Becky's New Car; Ann Wright; The Journey

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Wednesday, January 28th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Current Attitude Toward Science: Astronaut Koichi Wakata

Koichi Wakata

In the 1960’s, space travel was on the minds of many a kid. The cascade of Apollo missions, the money poured into America’s space program and the attitude toward science fueled the dreams of would be astronauts, including a small Japanese boy. KoichiWakata grew up to realize the dream. He has logged a full year in space over a 20 year career. On the anniversary of the Challenger explosion, he is in Hawai‘i.

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Becky’s New Car: Dwight Martin

Dwight Martin

There comes a point in many lives, usually just about at the midpoint, when the grandiose dreams of youth have to be tempered with a dose of reality.   Some of find ourselves at midlife locked in to a life that’s defined by the many compromises we have made along the way. It can become a sad subject, or it can take you to the place where you just have to laugh.  The play Becky’s New Car, now running at Manoa Valley Theater, chooses the path of comedy. Dwight Martin plays Walter in the production.

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Former State Department Diplomat Travelling to Cuba: Ann Wright

Ann Wright

This month the US lifted travel and trade restrictions to Cuba. And while you can’t quite go there on vacation just yet, some people are making their way there, and that would include Ann Wright. The retired Army Reserve Colonel, career diplomat and Hawaii resident is now known for her activism since her resignation from the state department in 2003 over the war in Iraq. She has traveled extensively, protested when she thought it necessary and even been arrested a time or two, today she starts a trip that will take her to Cuba.

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The Winter Footholds concert, “The Journey”: Roxy Takaesu

Roxy Takaesu

When you commit to a life in the performing arts, you set out on a journey – one that offers plenty of promise, but also has its pitfalls.   Dancers have a kind of full-body commitment, because their art calls on every muscle to work in synch with the mind and spirit.  It’s a tall order, and it’s the subject of Roxy Takaesu’s dance recital, which is part of the UH Dance Department’s Winter Footholds concert. She’s with us this morning to talk about “The Journey.”

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