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Neighborhood Board Elections; Max Zuckerman; Health Connector Update; Hard Travelin' with Woody

Thursday, January 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Neighborhood Board: Nicole Velasco

Nicole Velasco

Government officials and community organizations frequently tell citizens to get involved. For some people in the City and County of Honolulu that involvement could mean joining one of 33 neighborhood boards. True, their rung on the ladder of governance is low, but they do wield some power and make decisions that affect the lives of their communities. Nicole Velasco hopes more residents will choose board service. She's the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission and joined us in studio.

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Classical Guitarist: Max Zuckerman

Max Zuckerman

Guitarist Max Zuckerman will perform Saturday evening at Orvis Auditorium on the UH Mano’a campus.  He’ll be joined by Ian O’Sullivan and Carlos Barbosa-Lima. The concert starts at 7:30.

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Hawaii Health Connector Update: Jeff Kissel

Jeff Kissel

Last year, the Hawaii Health Connector was charged with creating a sustainability plan delivered to lawmakers before the opening of the 2015 session. That happened last month. We now know that the Connector is asking for $28 million dollars over as many as 7 years from the Legislature.  It's being couched as a capital investment from the State to ensure the self-generating revenue. Health Connector Executive Director, Jeff Kissel, stopped by yesterday afternoon and we asked him about the $28 million and why that doesn't necessarily break down into a 4 million annual appropriation. 

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Hard Travelin' with Woody: Randy Noojin

Randy Noojin

Randy Noojin will perform his one-man play “Hard Travelin’ with Woody” at the Maui Fringe Theater Festival, which runs from Friday, Jan. 23 through Sunday, Jan. 25, at the Historic ‘?ao Theater.

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