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Women Leaders; "Birds, not Rats"; Pacific-Asia-Hawaii Issues; Marcello Bugagiar

The Twins - Fine Art

Wednesday, December 17th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Women Leaders: Tracey Wilen

Tracey Wilen

When last we spoke, Tracey Wilen had completed research on women in leadership roles. Earlier this year she released her latest book, Employed for Life, 21st. Century Career Trends. Tracey Wilen is again in Honolulu this week and she joined the show with an update on women in leadership and the careers that could offer longevity and creative growth.sic: In Transit by The Coach and Four

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Kauai Forest Birds Recovery Project: Dr. Lisa "Cali" Crampton

Lisa "Cali" Crampton

Kauai’s Forest Birds - some of the last remaining native species and among the most beautiful - are in trouble, and the Kauai Forest Birds Recovery Project is stepping up its efforts to save them with a new campaign called “Birds, not Rats.”  The idea is to acquire as many humane rat traps as can be found and place them where they are most needed: in the upland forests where the birds are struggling to survive. Dr. Lisa "Cali" Crampton is the Project Leader, and she joined us by phone.

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Pacific-Asia-Hawaii Issues: Sherry Broder

Sherry Broder

This week, attendees of an International conference gathered in Honolulu to consider the state of the planet's governance. The agenda included discussion of maritime claims, human rights and ocean research, and use of resources in Asia, the Pacific, and Hawaii. One of the conference sponsors was the Jon Van Dyke Institute of International Law and Justice. Its executive director, Sherry Broder, joined the show with some of the takeaways.

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The Twins: Marcello Bugagiar

Marcello Bugagiar

In the Maui art world, all you have to say is “the Twins,” and everyone will know who you mean.   Marcello and AlessioBugagiar create their canvases in tandem, combining the classical painting techniques Alessio learned at Accademia of Belle Arti in Florence, Italy with the mathematical precision of his craftsman brother, Marcello.    Their work is on display this month at Lahaina Galleries, and Marcello joined the show via phone to tell us more.

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