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Status of Feminism; Barry Flanagan; E-Cigarette Bill; Sound Healing


Tuesday, December 16th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Undercutting Advancement of Feminist Movement: Ayu Saraswati

Ayu Saraswati

It has been a month since Kim Kardashian's nude photos, and all the comical photoshopped versions and the ensuing chatter about her assets made their way onto many a smart screen. Beautiful women posing naked isn't anything new. Neither are women who use their gifts - photoshopped or otherwise - to get fame. But perhaps this wasn't exactly what those who pushed the feminist agenda had in mind 50 years ago when they argued women should have the opportunity to be whatever they choose and that pay equity should be expected. Or perhaps in some minds, Kardashian’s exploits make the point. We called media watcher and UH associate professor of women's studies Ayu Saraswati and she joined the show from Bangkok.

Intro Music: Lines in the Sand by Sparta

Outro Music: Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen


Holiday Music Segment: Barry Flanagan

Barry Flanagan

Guitarist and singer Barry Flanagan wasn’t born into the Hawaiian music tradition, but he has certainly made it his own in a career that’s well into its third decade. The latest version of his group HAPA is performing tomorrow evening in Honolulu in a concert that will include some special holiday tunes; he joined us this morning to share a sample.

Intro Music:  All Blues by Barry Flanagan

Outro Music:  Pu'uanahulu by HAPA


Bill 302, E-Cigarette Ban in Hawaii County: Jessica Yamauchi

Jessica Yamauchi

Yesterday we talked about a just released study showing younger Hawaii teens are using e-cigarettes at nearly triple the rate of their mainland counterparts. That's one more reason Jessica Yamauchi hopes Hawaii County will make e-cigs subject to the rules about where someone can smoke. She's the Executive Director of the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii and joined us in studio with her thoughts.

Intro Music: Last Night by The Strokes

Outro Music: Yasmin The Light by Explosions in the Sky


Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls: Diane Cline

Diane Cline

Most of us know intuitively that music has a healing power, without knowing how or why… but students of kundalini yoga take that notion a step further, using very specific sounds to heal in predictable, quantifiable ways, and create those sounds through gongs and crystal bowls.   Crystal bowl healing, in particular, is a new area of study, and Yoga Teacher Diane Cline (also known as Guru PurkhKaur) joins us by phone to tell us more about it. 

Intro Music: Ring Out Solstice Bells by Jethro Tull

Outro Music: Japanese Heart Software by Pia Fraus

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