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Pork Virus; "Love Me, Feed Me"; Criminal Law and Discrimination; Ian O'Sullivan

Chris Vandercook

Tuesday, December 9th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Pork Virus: Glenn Shinsato

Glenn Shinsato

This one you already know - in Hawaii we eat a lot of pork. Whether in Spam or at a barbecue, Hawaii and pork seem inextricably linked. With such a large amount of pork consumed, it’s concerning that a local pig farm recently suffered from an outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea – a virus that was previously non-existent in the islands. That led the state’s acting veterinarian to issue a quarantine order, and to urge other farmers to be vigilant. Glenn Shinsato and his wife, Amy, are co-owners of Shinsato Farm and Glenn joined the show to lend his perspective on the situation.

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Love Me, Feed Me: Judith Jones

Judith Jones

In a fifty-year career as a book editor that included collaborations with such celebrated food writers as James Beard and Julia Child, Judith Jones learned how to create cookbooks that people can use.  When a frisky little ball of fluff named Mabon, a Havanese puppy, came into her life a few years ago, she was happy to learn that canines, too, can benefit from healthy eating. The result is a new book of recipes that dogs and people can share. “Love Me, Feed Me” is a family project, illustrated with photographs by her son - me - and we spoke with her about it just the other day.

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Criminal Law and Descrimination: Justin Levinson

Justin Levinson

Talking about race and discrimination isn’t easy for most people, but lately racial talk has been at the forefront of conversations nationwide. The events in Ferguson, Staten Island, and Cleveland have spawned outrage online, on air, and on the streets… but has the talk conflated the cases, the circumstances, and the anger, obscuring actual facts and judgments? A USA/Pew research poll out today seems to suggest not.  We called Justin Levinson, Professor at Richardson School of Law and the founding Director of the Culture and Jury Project, to provide some insight.

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Music Segment: Ian O’Sullivan

Ian O'Sullivan

Each new generation has its own take on tradition, and inevitably, tradition is altered and expanded when young energy takes over.   Ian O’Sullivan, guitarist, is strongly grounded in classical music tradition as well as Hawaiian music and this weekend he’s collaborating with like-minded new-generation artists as “Ho‘omana Na Mele.”   He joined us in studio, along with cohorts Blayne Asing and Duncan Kamakana Osorio, to tell us about this latest effort.

Intro Music: And Back... by Ian O'Sullivan

Outro Music: Dawning by Ian O'Sullivan

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