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Innovation Economy; Box Jellyfish Video; Israel-Palestine Conflict; "Unprescribed"

UH Manoa / John A. Burns School of Medicine

Tuesday, December, 2nd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Growing Hawaii’s Innovation Economy: Enrico Moretti

Enrico Moretti

For decades, we’ve heard that Hawaii is well-poised to be a base of technological innovation. But is it? Within the context of innovation clusters, those who advocate for greater resources and attention to Hawaii say it’s now at a crossroads. This week, UC Berkley Economics Professor, Enrico Moretti, will talk to elected officials and students about what he sees in our state’s future as a creative industries hub.

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Box Jellyfish Video: Amanda Shell

Amanda Shell

The latest generation of college students has come of age in a world where a whole new type of literacy is called for… one that uses the once-specialized language of film production to tell its story.   It seems to come naturally to Amanda Shell; one of her early efforts has been named one of 12 semi-finalists in the Second LabTVTribeca National Video Awards Contest. Her subject is the box jellyfish and a scientist who studies them, and she joined us in our studio this morning. To see the video, click here.

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Palestinian-American Scholar: Noura Erakat

Noura Erakat
Noura Erakat - Full Interview

Now something that has filled international news for decades: the Palestinian- Israeli conflict. Noura Erakat says it’s a 20th century issue and it will need a 21st century solution. The Palestinian-American law professor from George Mason University has been speaking in Honolulu...We talked by phone about the historical context for a problem that dates back to the days of T E Lawrence, when Great Britain and France were carving up the middle east. I asked her about the alliances and counter alliances over the past century and if she thought the Palestinians were pawns in a much larger strategy.

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Prescription Drug Documentary: Edgy Lee

Edgy Lee

Narcotics are among the deadliest drugs of all and they often can come into your life through legitimate prescriptions for real medical problems.   Prescription drugs have become one of society’s worst problems, and abuse of Oxycontin and related medications is on the rise in Hawaii.  Filmmaker Edgy Lee examines the problem and its origins in her new documentary “Unprescribed -- Prescription for Addiction,” which premieres on KGMB on Dec 3rd at 9 pm and KHNL on Dec 7 at 9 pm.

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