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Sewage Spill; Empowerment Workshop; Lava Flow Update; Youth Chess Tournament

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Wednesday, October 22nd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Sewage Spill: Director of Environmental Services, Lori Kahikina

Lori Kahikina

Sunday wasn’t a good day for the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. By now you know that rain from Hurricane Ana short circuited a control board and 5000 gallons of sewage spilled into Honolulu Harbor. Another 20,000 gallons of sludge spilled into parts of the plant. Yesterday Mayor Caldwell said the City could have done more to prevent the spills.  Lori Kahikina is the Director of Environmental Services for the City and County of Honolulu and joined us by phone.

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Empowerment Workshop: "Listen to your Body": Savita Kumar

Savita Kumar

How many of the illnesses we catch, and the aches and pains we suffer, are of our own devising?   Do we literally make ourselves sick and then mask the symptoms with medication instead of addressing the problem?  Savita Kumar is a Holistic Health practitioner and self-described “empowerment coach” who says we can put many of our troubles aside if we just listen to our bodies. That’s the theme of a free workshop she’s giving today on Kaua‘i.

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Lava Flow Update: Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Tiffany Hunt

It has been two weeks since we last spoke with Pahoa resident Tiffany Edwards Hunt. Two weeks during which she, her family and neighbors have been waiting and watching the lava flow advance stall and start to advance again. New fissure flow is now also moving toward Pahoa and could overtake the main flow. Meanwhile, the Chain of Craters Road will be cleared staring this Friday as an alternate route, all good reasons to check in with Tiffany Edwards Hunt.

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2014 Mayor’s Cup Youth Chess Tournament: Ken Kenar

Ken Kenar

Credit Wikipedia Commons
Chess Pieces.

If you’re lucky enough to become a chess enthusiast when you’re young, it’s likely to stay with you for life. It’s also liable to draw you into a worldwide community of like-minded people in pursuit of the impossible: a complete mastery of a game that has been baffling us for centuries.  Chess players know there’s always someone who’s just a little better – always a move or gambit you haven’t thought of – and that’s what fuels their passion.  Ken Kenar has taught dozens of young would-be Grandmasters on Maui, and now he’s encouraging young people from 8 to 18 to enter this weekend’s 2014 Mayor’s Cup Youth Chess Tournament.

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