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Breast Cancer; Talk Story Festival; Maui Coalition to Protect Local Families from Pesticides


Thursday, October 9th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Discussion of Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness: Ruth Heidrich

Ruth Heidrich

Ruth Heidrich is an  Ironman Triathlete and has won 8 gold medals in the Senior Olympics. She has run the Boston, New York, Moscow, and Honolulu Marathons, as well as the Great Wall of China. She holds 3 World Fitness Records at the famed Cooper Clinic in Dallas and was named One of the Ten Fittest Women in North America. --- all  after a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer and a change to a vegan diet. Heidrich is the Author of A Race For Life, Senior Fitness, CHEF cook/rawbook, and Lifelong Running. She’s also a Founding member of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.

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Talk Story Festival: Jeff Gere

Jeff Gere

Jeff Gere is the organizer of the 26th Annual Talk Story Festival, Hawai?i’s oldest and largest storytelling celebration.  It’s a free event next week: October 17 & 18 in the McCoy Pavilion Auditorium at Ala Moana Beach Park.

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Maui Coalition to Protect Local Families from Pesticides: Autumn Ness

Autumn Ness

By now you know how powerful three letters can be in galvanizing a community. And in this election season ads and opinions about the pros and cons of GMO crops face voters at every turn. On Maui, it’s especially acute. There’s a ballot initiative to create a moratorium on GMO crops while testing is done and safety assessed…. and it has battle lines drawn. It’s also responsible for the formation of a new coalition of some area families, workers, and farmers. Autumn Ness, founder of Maui United, is heading the coalition and joined the show via phone from Maui.

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