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Domestic Violence; K? ? Mo‘o; Simple and Unpretentious

Taylor Rice

Monday, October 6th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Domestic Violence: Nanci Kreidman

Nanci Kreidman

The restaurant video of HPD Sgt Darren Cachola allegedly punching his girlfriend again focused attention on the department’s policies in handling domestic violence cases. HPD’s Chief is promising more transparency with its practices and reporting, but is that enough? Although officers may know the law covering domestic violence, much of the trouble lies in the lack of enforcement according to many who work with victims.  Nanci Kreidman is the CEO of the Domestic Violence Action Center and has a long advocacy history in Hawaii to counter domestic violence.

Intro Music: Sister Sadie by Ray Brown

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello


K? ? Mo‘o - Becoming a Guardian of Hawaii: Annie Lipscomb

Annie Lipscomb

In ancient times, land and water in Hawai’i had their protectors, both in the real world and in the world of myth.  The mythological stewards of our islands’ resources were mo’o, those shape-shifting, supernatural lizards who acted as guardians of land parcels and waterways.  Their spirit is being invoked in a new play that’s a joint production of the Bishop Museum’s Culture Education staff and the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. K? ? Mo‘o is described as a poetic drama, and its co-author and lead actor, Annie Lipscomb, joined the show this morning to tell us about it. K? ? Mo‘o opens Friday, October 17 at Tenney Theatre on the grounds of The Cathedral of St. Andrew, and continues on Saturdays through November 8.

Intro Music:  Sister Sadie by Ray Brown

Outro Music: Makee `Ailana by Makana


Folk Music “Simple & Unpretentious”: Keith Haugen & Frank Uehara

Keith Haugen

If you like your music simple and unpretentious, you’re probably a fan of folk music.   The term is a broad umbrella that includes just about any songs that come from the people and from the heart.  Folk music has been a kind of musical mission for Keith Haugen throughout his life, with an emphasis on songs with a social message and melodies that encourage an audience to sing along.   He calls his duo “simple and unpretentious” because it doesn’t get much simpler than a voice, a four-string ukulele, and a pakini bass, which has only one string.  Frank Uehara plays that, and he and Keith both joined the show this morning.

Intro Music: Cheerleader by Grizzly Bear

Outro Music: Keith Haugen & Frank Uehara – Live In Studio

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