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Social Determinants of Health; “Que Sueñes Con Las Angelitas”; Ebola

Friday, October 3rd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Social Determinants of Health: Dr. Iton

Anthony Iton

Consider this: your zip code may be just as important to your health as your genetic code. Visiting lecturer Dr. Anthony Iton has been collecting data to support that idea and he’s in Hawaii to talk about why the confluence of healthy food, housing, living wage jobs - and hence zip codes – may be as influential in determining one's health as their genetic code.

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Prince Dance Company’s “Que Sueñes Con Las Angelitas”: Angel Prince

Angel Prince

Who hasn’t hoped for an opportunity to dream with the angels?   It sounds even better in Spanish: “QueSueñes Con Las Angelitas.”   That’s the title of a dance and theater piece, performed by the Prince Dance Company, that aims to rope in an audience of people who don’t even know they like dance.  Angel Prince is the company’s artistic director and she’s getting a performance ready for tomorrow at The Leeward Theatre.

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Ebola: Dr. Melissa Viray

Melissa Viray

This week we had intimations that a far off disease that has already killed thousands might have come to our shores. Although the state department of health says the patient now released from isolation at Queens Medical Center did not meet the criteria for ebola, questions remain. Exactly what is that criteria and what did this potential case teach us? Dr. Melissa Viray is the Deputy State Epidemiologist for the Hawaii Department of Health, and she joined the show to help answer those questions.

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