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The Long View; L?hain? Noon; Strategy for Combating the Islamic State; TEDxMaui 2014

4th World Film

Wednesday, September 17th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Long View, Capstone Discussion on Inequality: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

For months, we’ve brought home the national conversation about income inequality. Today in The Long View, social scientist Neal Milner looks at some of the biggest bullet points of the discussion, and considers the work of Christopher Jencks, a Harvard professor who has been studying income inequality for close to fifty years.

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Short Film - L?hain? Noon: Christopher Kahunahana

Christopher Kahunahana

When everyone involved in a film is working from a deep sense of commitment, chances are you’ll see the results on-screen.   That’s what Christopher Kahunahana is hoping for with L?hain? Noon, a dramatic short film he wrote and directed.   So, does the shadow self creep back into the body when L?hain? Noon comes, and the sun casts no shadow?  That question is the inspiration for Christopher’s movie, which is in post-production now, and he joined us this morning in-studio to talk more about it.

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Analysis, Obama’s Strategy for Combating IS: Prof. Jairus Grove

Jairus Grove

Again this morning, President Obama is insisting the US will not send combat troops to Iraq. That’s counter to what the nation heard yesterday from top general Martin Dempsey. So…. can the US have a strategy to effectively combat IS without boots on the ground? We called UH professor Jairus Grove, who teaches about international conflict, insurgency, and terrorism, and asked him for his take on what may happen.

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TEDxMaui 2014: Emma White

Emma White

TED talks have caught on all over the world with their combination of provocative subject matter and brief, high-impact presentations on technology, entertainment, and design.  It’s not easy to pin down the criteria that make up a good TED talk, but chances are Emma White, speaker liaison for TEDx Maui, has given them a good deal of thought.   The “x” in TEDx means it’s an independent organization, and the choices Emma has made for its next event reflect that.

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