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Religious Harrassment Case; Eddie Wen' Go; Longevity Research; Slam Poet Mike McGee

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Thursday, September 4th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Religious Harrassment Case: Bill Hoshijo

Bill Hoshijo

Yesterday, the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission made its final decision on a discrimination and harassment case. The commission found in favor of the woman, Kay Lorraine Bate, who'd brought the charges against the Research Institute for Hawaii USA (RIH), and its CEO, Christopher Damon Haig. The commission found the institute and Haig liable for religious and sexual harassment and discrimination. Bill Hoshijo is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and joined the show for a reflection on the decision.

Intro Music:  REM's Losing My Religion by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello

“Eddie Wen’ Go: The Story of the Upside-Down Canoe”: Marion Lyman-Mersereau

Marion Lyman-Mersereau

Anyone who spends time canoe paddling learns the importance of huli drills. Huli means to turn over, or in this case, to capsize. Paddlers learn how to respond, how to right the canoe, and even how to bail. But what if the canoe is too big to right? That’s what happened on the ill-fated voyage of Hokule’a in 1978. And that’s when Eddie Aikau gave his life, going off to get help for his crewmates clinging to Hokule’a. Crewmember Marion Lyman Mersereau will never forget it… and what Eddie did. Her children’s book “Eddie Wen’ Go, The Story of the Upside Down Canoe” is now a play as well.

Intro Music:  Star of Gladness by Herb Ohta, Jr.  & Jon Yamasato

Outro Music: Hokule`a by Leon & Malia

Longevity Research: Dr. Bradley Willcox

Bradley Willcox

You probably think about this now and again...you'd like to have a healthy, long life. You may even do some of the things you think will help to enhance your chances. For the last 2 decades, longevity specialist Dr. Bradley Willcox has been studying dietary and other impacts on healthy, extensive lives. His team's research into the habits of Okinawans first identified a longevity-associated gene, and his Hawaii team was the first to associate the FOXO3 gene with human longevity. Next week, Civil Beat will host Dr. Willcox at the Doris Duke Theatre.

Intro Music: Human – Tin Tin (Out Mix) by Pretenders

Outro Music: Never Mess With Sunday by Yppah

Slam Poetry: World Champ, Mike McGee (HBO’s Def Poetry)

Mike McGee

Pain… discomfort…… awkwardness. All universal aspects of the human condition -- But for those people lucky enough to be talented in verbal ability, turning those universal human experiences into competitive works of art can be a brain candied gift to us all. Competitive art? Yes -- As in slam poetry. If you’ve seen a competition you’ll understand how the audience is really essential in making the art come to life. Michael Matthew McGee is known professionally as "Mighty" Mike McGee in the world of poetry slam, spoken word and comedy.  He won the National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship in 2003 and has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. You can check out some of his work here!

Intro Music: Nighthawks by Enemies

Outro Music:  The Truth by Matt Gano

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