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Transit Oriented Developement; Hula Festival; HMSA and HI Health Connector; After-School Learning

Monday, August 25th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Draft Transit Plan for Ala Moana Neighborhood: Nate Cherry

Nate Cherry

Many neighborhoods in Honolulu and around the state are changing rapidly. With the building of rail on Oahu, redesigning neighborhoods to integrate mixed use development and walk-able places is an integral part of the plan. Ala Moana residents and retail will get a look at the draft plan for the area this week. On Wednesday, nationally known architect Nate Cherry will unveil the draft plan at a community workshop and he joined the show with a preview.

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Emma Farden Sharpe Hula Festival: Daryl Fujiwara

Daryl Fujiwara

So many folks who visit Hawaii for the first time have come because Hawaiian melodies have whetted their desire to be here. And one of the most well known is recognized by the hapa haole lyrics “Sea Breeze, sea breeze, take a message to the one I love…” Kamaaina know the song as “Puamana, ku’u home i Lahaina…” Either way, this beloved mele is the creation of Kumu Hula Emma Farden Sharpe, who’s being honored by her namesake hula festival on the Valley Isle this Saturday at Lahaina’s Banyan Tree Park. Emma Farden Sharpe Hula Festival Coordinator, Daryl Fujiwara, joined the show to tell us more about it.

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HMSA Small Business Pulling Out of HHC: Gordon Ito

Gordon Ito

Earlier this month HMSA head Michael Gold announced that the insurer was pulling out of the small business aspect of the Hawaii Health Connector. That move echoed his comments at the close of the last legislative session. He said dealing with the connector's technical problems was taking too money and too much of his staff's time. So where does this leave employers now? State insurance commissioner Gordon Ito has had some time to consider that question and he joined the show to share his thoughts.

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Mid Pacific’s After-school Extended Learning program: Kimee Balmilero

Kimee Balmilero

Once you’re born, you might consider everything in your life that happens outside of school to be a wildly eclectic learning program. And in those school years between kindergarten and eighth grade, young minds are voracious experience eaters. A perfect time to add guidance from a perfect chef-- One who lets students sample a delicious knowledge buffet at Mid-Pacific’s after school Extended Learning Program-- Kimee Balmilero.

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