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Puna Damage and Clean-Up; Robin Hood; Depression; Student Film Contest

Wednesday, August 13th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Puna Damage and Clean-Up: Senator Russell Ruderman

Russell Ruderman

Pictures from Puna still show families trying to recover from last week’s visit by Tropical Storm Iselle. As residents concentrate on finding basic necessities and power is still out for many of them, some are angry that so much attention has focused on the Puna’s political importance in deciding the Schatz-Hanabusa US Senate race. The make-up election for the areas whose polling places were damaged is scheduled for Friday. Now candidate Hanabusa says she might file for an injunction… State Senator Russell Ruderman represents the Puna district and joined the show via phone with some of this thoughts. 

Intro Music:  It Feels Alright by Washed Out

Outro Music: Quite Spectacular by Hint

HTY’s Bollywood Robin Hood: Alvin Chan

Alvin Chan

Everybody loves rascals, and that may be a reason the story of Robin Hood has lasted through the ages… we love characters who get away with the transgressions most of us only dream about – as long as they have a good heart.   Robin Hood is a classic example, and his story is about the ways people who are being bullied can stand up for themselves.   Honolulu Theater for Youth’s latest production gives a classic tale a Bollywood gloss, and that means lots of color, music, dance, and excitement.  Alvin Chan is the creator of the new show and he joined The Conversation to talk about it.

Intro Music: Overture and A Prisoner of the Crusade by Michael Kamen

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Depression: Dr. June Ching

June Ching

The suicide of Robin Williams took everyone by surprise. But maybe, it shouldn’t have. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, he was in the most prevalent group for suicide, a white male between the ages of 45 and 64. And his candid conversation was well documented over the years about his struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse. With an estimated 15 million people in the US living with depression, he wasn’t alone in his condition, but he did something most of them might not. We called psychologist June Ching and to ask her what puts someone over the edge. 

Intro Music: S'och A' Dhomhnaill Oig Ghaolaich (Waulking Song) by Cappercallie

Outro Music: Dandelion by Dorena

Maui Huliau Foundation Student Film Contest: Malia Cahill

Malia Cahill

Young students learn to shoot and edit today the way students of earlier generations learned to write, as desktop editing programs and inexpensive digital cameras bring documentary storytelling within everyone’s reach.   For Maui Huliau Foundation, the story is the ever-growing farm-to-table movement, which is being celebrated this weekend with a food and film festival.  Each of the student films to be shown documents a specific farm-to-table culinary project.   The Huliau Food and Film Festival is the brain child of Executive Director Malia Cahill, and she joined the show via phone.

Intro Music: Charmarita by Jeff Peterson

Outro Music: Keokea by Jeff Peterson

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