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Truth in Accounting Report; Painter Christina DeHoff; Food Safety Data Aggregation; Mushrooms

Tuesday, August 5th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Truth in Accounting’s 2013 Financial State of the States Report: Sheila Weinberg

Sheila Weinberg

We frequently hear about people crunching the numbers to get answers. What story the numbers tell is often in the hands of the number crunchers and there have been a lot of numbers in the hands of the group Truth in Accounting. One of the reports it puts out is the Financial State of the States. They’ve recently released the latest version and CPA, Founder, and CEO of Truth in Accounting, Shiela Weinberg, joined us by phone from her office in Chicago to discuss it.

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Show at Maui Hands Gallery: Artist Christina DeHoff

Christina DeHoff

Maui painter Christina DeHoff refers to herself as a visionary artist and it’s an apt description.  Her work is representational, up to a point, but there’s always a hint of magic in her work.   The stars in her night skies have an extra sparkle; fairies, mermaids, and light dancers crop up again and again.   She’s the featured artist this month at the Maui Hands Gallery in Makawao, and she joined the show via phone from her studio.

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Food Safety Data Aggregation: Jared Kuroiwa

Jared Kuroiwa

You know how one conversation often leads to another? Well, over the last week we’ve had a couple of conversations about the state department of health’s new food safety rating system. According to the DOH, the data collected on restaurants and food establishments isn’t available online - to you or travel and leisure sites - because the vendor the department  uses didn’t set set up the system  so others could have access . It can be done but it could take a while... unless Jared Kuroiwa has his way. He’s offered to aggregate the data for free. He’s the President of Hawaii Open Data and joined the show to provide his thoughts on the situation.

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Mushrooms at Volcano Art Center: Zach Mermel

Zach Mermel

Mushrooms can be a rich food source as well as a provider of medicinal benefits – yet few of us have considered cultivating them for ourselves, or know much about how to do it.  Zach Mermel has given the subject a good deal of study, and says mushroom cultivation, at home, is easier than we may think.

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