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Hawai‘i Herald Now Online; Violinist Iggy Jang; OHA/Thirty Meter Telescope; Middle East History

Tuesday, July 22nd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Hawai‘i Herald Goes Online: Editor Karleen Chinen

Kathleen Chinen

On July first 1980, The Columbus Dispatch became the first newspaper to go online. That was also the year The Hawai‘i Herald moved to a twice monthly publication. Last Friday, The Hawai‘i Herald migrated online, in part to attract a younger audience. So why did it take the paper so long to make the move, and what does the publication hope to accomplish with the move? Longtime editor Karleen Chinen joined us this morning to explain how online content may help the Herald reach a younger demographic.

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Hawai‘i Performing Arts Festival: Violinist Iggy Jang

Iggy Jang

A summer music camp is a kind of extended master class, and there’s no better way for a music student to grow in skill and confidence than to take part in one. For the past two weeks, the students in the Hawai‘i Performing Arts Festival’s string program have been studying and performing in Waimea on Hawai‘i Island. It's an environment that allows them to put what they are learning to immediate use. That's what they’ll be doing Thursday evening in Honolulu, in a concert that will feature Iggy, the Honolulu Symphony’s concertmaster, and some accomplished friends. Iggy joined us this morning.

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OHA Position on the Thirty Meter Telescope Sublease: Ikaika Hussey

Ikaika Anderson

Initially theyd liked it; after review of the Mauna Kea summit sublease, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs wanted some changes. Last week, OHA changed its mind again, voting not to continue a contested case hearing. So where does this leave the planned Thirty Meter Telescope now? Hawaii Independent editor Ikaika Hussey is following the project’s progress and joined us today for a detailed look.

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What Went Wrong: Pre-WWI Pluralism in Baghdad: Ian Belton

Ian Belton

We simplify history at our own peril, and the tendency to reduce the complex history of the Middle East into a one-sentence tag line: e.g., “Oh, those people have been at each others’ throats for centuries…” is especially troubling. It ignores the role Europeans have played in the creation of today’s conflict zones, many of whose boundaries were drawn, more or less arbitrarily, by the victors at the conclusion of the First World War.  UH professor Ian Belton looks at today’s struggles through the little-known story of the Jews who lived in what is now Iraq for a thousand years before the creation of the state of Israel, and how Iran helped place their descendants where they are today.  He’s with joined us in the studio this morning.

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