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Net Neutrality Update; Floral Design; Deedy Mistrial Ruling; Bailey House Bicentennial

Friday, July 18th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

FCC/Net Neutrality Update: Michael Copps

Michael Copps

If anyone wondered if the American public understood or cared about net neutrality, that question is being put to rest by the one million plus comments sent to the FCC about its proposed rules.  One man who will say he told you so, and who is very glad to see the response is former FCC commissioner Michael Copps. He is again be traveling across America and he joined us this morning by phone from Washington, D.C.

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Kaua‘i Aloha Floral Design Show: Johnny Gordines

Johnny Gordines

There’s more to floral arranging than relying on the beauty of the flowers themselves. What you do with them can make all the difference. It’s a refined and complex art with an international following, and an ever-changing landscape.  This Sunday’s Kaua‘i Aloha Design Studio Workshop is giving Hawai’i floral designers a chance to learn about worldwide trends in their craft from two members of the American Institute of Floral Designers.   Johnny Gordines is coordinating the event, and he joined us by phone from the Garden Isle this morning.

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Deedy Mistrial/State Supreme Court Ruling: Kenneth Lawson

Kenneth Lawson

The Hawaii State Supreme Court recently ruled that Judge Karen Ahn should not have held closed proceedings and blocked media access in the trial of Christopher Deedy. While the decision now serves as a warning to other judges, the opinion also provides for circumstances for private proceedings if there is "an overriding interest." Where to draw that line in making the case for such an interest could have other implications. UH law school professor Kenneth Lawson joined us today to discuss some of them.

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Bailey House Museum Bicentennial: Sissy Lake-Farm

Naomi "Sissy" Lake-Farm

We can only imagine what Hawaii was like two hundred years ago – but at least we can look to the state’s historical societies to fuel our imaginations.  The preservation of artifacts and historical records is an important mission for people like Sissy Lake-Farm, the new executive director of the Bailey House Museum on Maui, which is owned and operated by the Maui historical Society.   Bailey House is the home of Edward Bailey, one of the fascinating figures of nineteenth-century Hawaii, a man of many parts.  His bicentennial celebration is tomorrow, and Sissy was on the line to tell us about it.

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