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Bill 40; Honolulu Biennial; Mayor Wright Homes Redevelopment; The Dawn of Global Sense

Tuesday, July 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Bill 40, Foam Containers Bill: Roger Morey

Roger Morey

If you regularly go in for takeout - or just can't finish a meal - you're no stranger to the subject of our first conversation. Those one time use polystyrene containers have been a fixture in many restaurants, but their days could be numbered in Honolulu City and County. Bill 40 would ban them and require restaurants to move to compostable disposables. The bill is up for a hearing on July 23rd and will be met with opposition from Roger Morey, the Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Executive Director.

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Honolulu Biennial: Isabella Ellaheh Hughes

Isabella Ellaheh Hughes

When you think of the wealth of creative energy at large in our islands, the idea seems overdue: a Biennial arts exhibit in Honolulu, in the tradition of the great biennials in the world’s other cultural capitals.   Isabella Ellaheh Hughes believes it’s time to recognize Hawaii’s place in the world’s arts landscape with an event that is focused on artwork and artists from the countries and continents that lie along the Chain of Fire.   She’s the coordinator of the Honolulu Biennial, and she joined us in studio.

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Mayor Wright Homes Redevelopment: Hakim Ouansafi

Hakim Ouansafi

According to the American Planning Association, mixed use development blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and where appropriate, industrial uses. Among its selling points, mixed use development offers the possibility of strengthening a community. That last part and the coming of the rail are some of the reasons why the state has put out a request for Master Developers last Friday for the mixed income redevelopment of Mayor Wright Homes. Hakim Ouansafi is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Public Housing Authority and joined the show via phone.

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The Dawn of Global Sense: Judah Freed

Judah Freed

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, a pamphlet written in 1775, helped America become a nation by putting into clear language what so many felt – affirming that powerful ideas can bring about meaningful social change.   Kauai author Judah Freed has chosen Thomas Paine’s work as in inspiration for his book, the Dawn of Global Sense.  In it, he says  – quote – “authority addiction and alpha male rule have driven us to ravage our planet and sacrifice liberty for security.”  He joined the show via phone to tell us more.

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