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Ocean Plastic Research Findings; Cooking Class; Kawainui Marsh Follow-Up; Koloa Plantation Days

Monday, July 7th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Ocean Plastic Research Findings: SOEST Researcher, Dave Karl

Dave Karl

You've no doubt heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Dump. Now, it seems there's the Great Pacific Garbage Dump Mystery. A newly completed survey found 99% less ocean plastic in the water than researchers expected to document. There's speculation that the missing plastic bits may have found their way to the bellies of fish and possibly, ours. We called the Inouye Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education at the University of Hawai'i. David Karl is the Center's Director, and co-director of the Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology. He joined us today with more on the study.

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Cooking Class: Rebecca Woodland

Rebecca Woodland

Healthy cooking and healthy eating are a passion for Rebecca Woodland... for good reason.  Her vegetarian diet changed her life, and may even have saved her life.   So when she teaches her cooking classes, she’s doing more than sharing recipes and techniques.  She’s offering a whole new way to look at the world through her weekly lessons, and she joined us this morning to tell us more.

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Follow-up On Kawainui Marsh Development: DLNR Biologist Jim Cogswell

Jim Cogswell

The plan to develop Hawaii's largest wetlands is drawing criticism in the Kailua community, as we heard last week from the president of the Hawaii Audubon Society. But the plan is also causing consternation for the state. DLNR Wildlife Biologist Jim Cogswell is in charge of the Kawainui Marsh area, which is managed by the state agency. He says Linda Paul was inaccurate when we spoke with her last week and that she made several erroneous assumptions. He was with us in our studio this morning to discuss.

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Koloa Plantation Days: Melissa McFerrin

Melissa McFerrin

Large-scale sugar production began in Koloa, Kauai 180 years ago – changing life in the islands forever.   Koloa Plantation was the model for plantation communities that followed, and you can still feel the history all around you there.   For twenty-five years Koloa Plantation Days, coming up later this month, has celebrated that history -- and Melissa McFerrin, who’s coordinating the seven days of events, was on the line from Kauai to tell us more.

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