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Homelessness and Sidewalk Bills; Beekeeping at Kauai Community College; Maui Pippin Production

Tuesday, July 1st – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Homelessness and Sidewalk Bills: Brian Brazier

Brian Brazier

The handful of Honolulu City Council bills aimed at keeping homeless people from using sidewalks and public areas as resting places and bathrooms will get their second reading next week. Two of them would expand to all of Oahu Mayor Caldwell’s  proposal  focused on Waikiki, Downtown and Chinatown. And that has one attorney, Brian Brazier, concerned. Brian Brazier is a Honolulu attorney. Most of his practice focuses on Constitutional issues and he has represented some of the homeless displaced under other Honolulu vagrancy laws.

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How to Keep Bees: Jimmy Trujillo

Jimmy Trujillo

Bees are one of those bellwether species – when they’re in trouble, so is the environment.   Colony collapse and parasites have caused a one-third drop in our bee population in recent years, but beekeepers are fighting back by educating more and more people about their craft.  It’s easier than you think to raise bees in a backyard or even an urban rooftop, and the benefits go way beyond making your own honey.  Jimmy Trujillo is teaching a beekeeping course at Kauai Community College, and what he has to say may just encourage you to take the plunge; he joined us on the phone this morning.

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Homelessness and Sidewalk Bills: Ikaika Anderson

Ikaika Anderson

According to some on the Honolulu City Council, the proposed vagrancy laws are in everyone's best interest. One of those members is Vice Chair Ikaika Anderson...and he's pressing the Council to expand the Mayor's proposal Oahu-wide. He introduced measures to do that last week, and they, along with the Mayor's initiatives, passed out of the zoning and planning committee and now face a second public hearing on July 9. Councilman Anderson joined the show via phone to discuss.

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MAPA’s Production of “Pippin”: Director Sally Sefton

Sally Sefton

Pippin, the Broadway musical that won a Tony in the 1972 season, is an enduring hit that has sparked successful revivals around the country, and it’s not hard to see why…   Like so many stories with a special impact on young audiences, it’s about coming of age and figuring out how to deal with some of the mysteries life is going to bring your way.   That makes it an ideal show for a young cast, and it’s why director Sally Sefton is bringing a new production of the show to the Maui Academy of Performing Art’s Teen Summer Musical Theatre Camp.

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