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Sunny Buddies Program; Micah Tong; Ocean Research; Lisa Hornak Photography

Tuesday, June 17th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

UH Medical School’s Sunny Buddies Program: Dr. Bloom

Melissa Bloom

The challenges medical students face extend far beyond science, and the enormous amount of information they must absorb.   It’s about human interaction on a wider scale, and perhaps a deeper level, than any they have had before.   A program at the UH Med School called Sunny Buddies pairs first-year med students with adults with intellectual disabilities. Dr. Melissa Bloom is the founder of the program, and she joined us by phone to chat with us this morning.

Intro Music: Stereo Love (Instrumental) by Edward Maya
Outro Music: Heartlite by Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics

Ukulele Musician: Micah Tong

Micah Tong

At the age of 3, our next guest picked up the ukulele and started to strum -- and  before many of us could say the alphabet, he was practicing chords. Micah Tong, soon to be a 9th grader at Maryknoll, is 14 now, and joined us in the studio today to share his musical inspiration and talk about sharing the stage with Jake The Great Shimabukuro on several occasions, and possibly more in the future.

Intro Music: More Ukulele by Jake Shimabukuro
Performance: Blue Roses Falling composed by Jake Shimabukuro, performed by Micah Tong
Outro Music: Going to California by Jake Shimabukuro

Largest Private Award to UH Funds High-Reward Ocean Research: Dr. David Karl

David Karl

We can only guess at the wonders, and the benefits to humanity, the ocean has not yet revealed, and Hawaii-based researchers are uniquely poised to make the next round of discoveries beneath the waves.   The University of Hawaii’s  School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology has been awarded $40 million by a private foundation to conduct continued research about the ocean’s microscopic organisms. David Karl, program co-director, joined us on the show this morning to tell us more.

Intro Music: Maritime by Isis
Outro Music: Inverted Island (Day Mix) by Obfusc

Photographer: Lisa Hornak

Lisa Hornak

Lisa Hornak is an independent photographer and educator currently based in Rome, Italy.  She received a BA in English with a concentration in photojournalism from Boston University. Her photos have won numerous prizes, including first place honors for the New England Associated Press News Association and the Boston Press Photographers Association. She joined us for a conversation with guest host Dr. Kathy Kozak.

Intro Music: Traffic Music by Hjaltalin
Outro Music: The Summer Before by The Appleseed Cast

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