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Changes to Kauai's Charter; Midway's Significance; The Kauai-Ni'ihau Burial Council; Maui Qi Fest

Thursday, June 5th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Proposed Changes to the Kauai County Charter: Jan TenBruggencate

Jan TenBruggencate

We often hear the refrain, “if you don’t like the system, change it.” Just as often, we hear that working within the framework of government to bring about that change isn't as easy as it sounds. But some levels of government are more easily challenged than others and for the vice chair of the Kauai County Charter Review Commission, the island’s charter is one of them. Jan TenBruggencate has been focusing attention of late on raising the petition requirement for citizens to change the county charter and he joined us on Kauai today.

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Pacific Aviation Museum: Burl Burlingame

Burl Burlingame

The Battle of Midway, 72 years ago this Saturday, changed the momentum of the Pacific War for good.   The US had been reeling since the December 1941 attacks at Pearl Harbor and Clark Field in the Philippines, which gutted our forces in the Pacific and gave the Japanese Empire virtual dominion in that vital theater of war.  Midway changed all that, with the help of a legendary aircraft, the B-17 Flying Fortress.  Pacific Aviation Museum Curator Burl Burlingame will present a talk at the Museum this Saturday about Midway and the crucial role that the Flying Fortress played in that battle. He joined us this in our Honolulu studio this morning for a preview.

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Kauai-Niihau Island Burial Council: Keith Yap

Keith Yap

On a small island with continued development, it’s almost inevitable: Hawaiian remains are inadvertently disturbed. The emotions and search for descendants can be overwhelming. Better to know beforehand where burial grounds are and what modern connection they have to people in the area, according to the Kauai-Niihau Island Burial Council. Its members are looking for proactive approaches and this morning we talked about some of them with the council’s chair, Keith Yap.

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Maui Qi Fest: Jonath Padilla

Jonath Padilla

Tai Chi may be the least understood of the martial arts, and like its more popular counterparts, it’s a complex way of being with roots that go back hundreds of years.  Tai Chi masters from around the world are coming to Maui’s Camp Keanae this weekend for the Maui Qi Fest, and it’s an opportunity to learn more. Jonath Padilla of Push Hands for Peace is putting it together, and he joined us by phone today.

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