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Homelessness Pt. 1; Children's Literature Conference; Homelessness Pt. 2; PRESENT Project

Tuesday, June 3rd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Homelessness Expert: Matthew Doherty

Matthew Doherty

Continuing now with our ongoing conversation about homelessness in Hawaii ...the tension between city and county efforts and initiatives of the state, also play into federal work to end homelessness. And in Honolulu the pressure of tourism dollars to create a pretty picture for visitors is yet another pressure of what to do with people who are homeless...instead of what to do FOR the homeless as some in the community suggest. This week, Matthew Doherty is both a visitor to Hawaii and a representative of the federal government’s Interagency Council on Homelessness. He is its Director of National Initiatives.

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Children’s Literature Conference: Jill Dahlman

Jill Dahlman

War is one of humanity’s absurdities – so how can it be presented to children in a way that makes sense?  Human conflict, and the reasons we enter into it, are difficult enough for adults to understand.   Up through the Second World War, arguably the last war that made any kind of sense, children’s literature has had a patriotic slant, focusing on glory and heroism and downplaying the mindlessness of it all -- but that is changing.   Jill Dahlman will be talking about the way children’s literature portrays war at Children Literature Hawaii’s 17th Biennial Conference, and she joined the show this morning to discuss.

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Homelessness Expert: Beth Sandor

Beth Sandor

This morning we’re picking up the ongoing conversation of homeless in Hawaii. State and City efforts sometimes run in tandem and sometimes seem to run afoul of each other, especially where Waikiki and tourism dollars are concerned. You may remember we talked about that yesterday in the reality check segment. Both Honolulu City and County initiatives to help homeless people seem to agree that the key is housing. Oahu is a participating community in the national 100-thousand Homes campaign. Its local mission is to find and house the 100 most vulnerable homeless residents on Oahu by September 30. And this week it’s getting some help from Beth Sandor, the national director of quality improvement who joined us in  studio.

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PRESENT Project Children’s Interactive Workshop: Hadley Nunes

Hadley Nunes

There are a number of efforts under way around the state to harness the creativity of children – and if it’s done right, a great deal of energy can be unleashed.   Hadley Nunes is the Director of the PRESENT Project, an interactive children’s workshop space that will get under way in Kakaako this fall.   There’s a preview event this weekend, and Hadley joined the show to tell us about what she has planned.

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