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Ice Sheet Instability; Young Architects Workshop; Aiea Development; Maui Metal Artist

Monday, June 2nd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Ice Sheet Instability: Axel Timmermann

Axel Timmermann

For quite a while now, research on the Antarctic ice sheet had suggested it had been relatively stable since the last ice age. Now a new international study published in the journal Nature says the sheet probably started melting about 5000 years earlier than originally thought. So is this a game changer when it comes to thought about climate change? UH Manoa professor of oceanography Axel Timmermann is a coauthor of the study and he joined us in our studio this morning.

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Young Architects Workshop, Donkey Mill Art Center: Sean Roth

Sean Roth

Architecture is art and science. It takes both to create living spaces that evoke a sense of place and convey a mood, while paying close attention to their geometry and the play of light and shadow.  Shaun Roth is a Hawaii Island architect who’s guiding a workshop for aspiring young architects next week at the Donkey Mill Art Center, and he joined us by phone. The “Young Architect Sessions; Light and Geometry” workshop will take place Sunday, June 8th, at 11 a.m. at the Donkey Mill Art center in Holualoa.

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Follow Up on Aiea Development Agreement: Bill Clark

Bill Clark

Long ago, lines of cars threaded to Aiea's Kamehameha Drive in. But for a while now, the most action the 14 acres have seen has been the swapmeet. Owner Robertson Properties Group envisions a different future: an urban village. The plan is endorsed by the Honolulu City Council and now Honolulu’s mayor. Live Work Play ‘Aiea is billed as a mixed-use sustainable community with up to 1,500 residential units in five towers, offices, restaurants, retail shops, a neighborhood market, and public spaces. Bill Clark is the Chairman of Aiea neighborhood board and he joined us with his thoughts on the development.

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Maui Metal Artist: Richard DeGiacomo

Richard DeGiacomo

Richard DiGiacomo’s art is defined, at least in part, by his choice of materials.  He works in metals, shaping aluminum panels, mixing in various colors and using the shimmer of their reflective surfaces to create a texture that can look like the surface of the ocean, constantly changing in the light.   His work is on display in Paia, Maui.

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