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Disruptive Forces; Kauai Dance Center; Hack To The Future; Abridged Shakespeare

Friday, May 30th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Disruptive Forces - Driving a Human Services Revolution: Susan Dreyfus

Susan Dreyfus

There are some words that generally don’t have a positive connotation...for instance, when you hear the word disruption, you might think of things like an annoying pause of your cable service or an interruption of your daily routine. Susan Dreyfus would like you to consider thinking about disruption differently: as a fresh-eyed approach to bringing about change. The president and CEO of the national organization, Alliance for Children and Families is on her way to Hawaii to speak about the Disruptive Forces - Driving a Human Services Revolution. Before she gets here, she joined us on the phone for a discussion.

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Kauai Dance Center: Jennifer Bell-Grey

Jennifer Bell-Grey

Dance students, especially very young ones, may not yet know what style works best for them – and there’s a wide array of choices.   Young dancers are often drawn to hip-hop and contemporary street styles, others to ballet – but most would agree that training in classical technique is essential, no matter where you end up.   They’re all on the menu for Jennifer Bell-Grey and her Kauai Dance Center.  She and some 75 students are preparing their annual dance extravaganza – this one is called “World Inner Motion.”

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Hack To The Future: Burt Lum

Burt Lum

Earlier in the program we considered a word normally not associated with positive results in galvanizing change in many industries. That word was disruption and the same could be said of hacking. This weekend, The National Day of Civic Hacking is showing up in events across the nation. In Hawaii, Burt Lum is at the center of Saturday’s Hack to the Future 2. It’s billed as a day workshops, prototyping and civic hacks we can only guess what may be on that list. Burt Lum joined the show with more specifics.

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CPAC’s Abridged Shakespeare: Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer

Shakespeare would not have been entirely at home in today’s short-attention-span world.  The Bard liked to take his time, and Elizabethan audiences didn’t have that much else to do for entertainment anyway, so a full-text Shakespeare play, as performed back in the day, easily run four hours.   It can get time-consuming, so Castle Performing Arts Center is coming to the rescue with The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), a show that gives you all the Bard you can handle in a crisp two hours.  Karen Meyer is the producer, and she joined us this morning.

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