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WEfficieny; Kauai Writers Conference; UHERO County Report; Lomi Lomi Massage Training

Friday, May 23rd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

WEfficiency: David Aquino

David Aquino

The high cost of energy in Hawaii has almost become cliché, yet those monthly bills keep coming. For nonprofits, escalating utility expenses can often mean not money enough left over to make changes to lighting fixtures and other power suckers. Now Blue Planet has an idea that could help nonprofits. The Foundation is piloting a program with three of them, including Hawaii Public Radio.  It’s a novel approach with social media at its center. David Aquino from Blue Planet joined the show to discuss the program.

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Kauai Writers Conference: David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg

At some point in the writer’s life, you have to get off the page. That means finding an audience, and finding a way to reach it.  It’s one reason more and more writers are getting the benefits of writers’ conferences.    Those events give them perspectives they could never give themselves.  How does your work really look to an agent or a seasoned book editor?   What are some tips that have helped others in the same situation?   The Kauai Writers Conference is happening this weekend. The non-profit writers group, Write-On Kauai, is the sponsor. David Rosenberg is the organizer, and he joined us this morning.

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UHERO County Forecast: Carl Bonham

Carl Bonham

Once upon a time you may have been told that the key to success is ‘moderation in everything.’  It would appear that it’s also a phrase that might be likened to the economic forecast for the counties. The University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization’s report on the counties is out this morning and to put some meaning to the numbers, UHERO executive  director  Carl Bonham joined us in studio.

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Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Training: Jeana Nalaui

Jeana Nalaui

Long before formal science, cultures around the world created their own ways of healing — ways the modern world is now beginning to appreciate.   Lomi Lomi has a centuries-old history in Hawaii, with a revival of its healing practices in full swing.  Re-connecting with lomi lomi is part of the decades-old legacy of the Hawaiian Renaissance and it might help ease into the weekend after a long week. Jeana Nalaui is a lifelong practitioner who leading a class on Maui in advanced lomi lomi massage, and she’s on the line with us from her studio.

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