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Foster Care Month; Ian O'Sullivan Concert; Female Editors; Ruddigore

Tuesday, May 20th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Foster Care Month: Dr. Susan Chandler

Susan Chandler

Six months ago, you may remember there was a lawsuit challenging the amount of stipend that resource care givers (foster parents) received to pay for the needs of the kids in their homes. Care givers said the 529 dollars per month just wasn’t enough and had stayed at the same level for decades. This year, the legislature looked at the issue, and data researched by the Public Policy Center’s director, Susan Chandler. Susan Chandler joined us with a status report on Hawaii’s foster care system.

Intro Music: Happiness & Tears by Jan Duindam

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello

Atherton Concert: Ian O’Sullivan

Ian O'Sullivan

Some of the most exciting work being done in today’s music is at the borderlines between genres, as styles that were once separated from one another, either in their place of origin or in the era they were created, come together. Slack-key guitar, an informal vernacular style, and classical guitar, with its formal European origins, once existed far apart from one another but those days are behind us. Ian O’Sullvan is a young classical guitarist who’s very much at home in the world of ki ho’alu, as his upcoming weekend concert with slack-key master Patrick Landeza will prove.  Ian joined us this morning instrument in hand. You can catch the concert on Friday, May 23rd at 7:30 p.m. in HPR’s Atherton Studio.

Intro Music: Kama`alua by Patrick Landeza

Outro Music: Haleiwa by Ian O`Sullivan

What It Means to be a Female Editor: Patti Epler

Patti Epler

Less than a week ago, NYTImes editor, Jill Abramson was summarily fired. “Newsroom management issues” was the reason given, prompting some to say it would have been a different conversation had Ambramson been a man. Then there’s the camp that is simply saying “we told you so” and is pointing to the Times itself which reported that she had hired a management consultant to help her. We were curious what a Hawaii female editor would make of all this. Civil Beat and HuffPost Hawaii’s editor Patti Epler joined the show to provide her thoughts. 

Intro Music: Don't Stop (Instrumental, Tribute to 5 Seconds of Summer) by 2014 Golden Cove

Outro Music:  New York Editor by Amon Tobin

Gilbert and Sulivan Ruddigore Auditions: Suzi Bond

Suzi Bond

If you’re on Hawaii Island and have the kind of performing skills that benefit from a good workout, you’ll find no more vigorous challenge than a Gilbert and Sullivan show.  Auditions are tonight for the Kilauea Drama and Entertainment Network’s production of Ruddigore, and you’ll need to be ready to sing, dance, and maybe read a scene or two.  Whatever role you take on, the demands of operetta from the golden age of the form will put all your skills to the test.   Suzi Bond is the Executive Director of KDEN. She has spent most of her life in community theater, and this morning she joined the show to tell us just what she’s looking for.

Intro Music: Ruddigore, Act 2: My Eyes Are Fully Open by Arthur Sullivan

Outro Music: Ruddigore, Act 2: Happily Coupled Are We by Arthur Sullivan

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