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OHA Letter; Summer Surf Celebration Film Fest; Consequences of Pesticide Use; Mark Twain Rides Again

Friday, May 16th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

OHA Letter: Kamana Beamer

Kamana Beamer

A week ago we learned of the letter sent by OHA’s CEO Kamana’o pono Crabbe to Secretary of State John Kerry asking whether the Hawaiian Kingdom exists and is subject to international law. If so, the request for inquiry ended with another question: were there legal and criminal implications for the  Native Hawaiian Roll Commission and the OHA Trustees and staff. The letter sparked accusations and counter accusations within OHA, then a letter rescinding the original letter, and then several Trustees who rescinded their support for that second letter. Last night the Trustees met on Maui and the split of opinion in and outside of OHA continues. UH school of Hawaiian Knowledge and law school professor Kamana Beamer joined the show to provide his assessment of the situation.

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Summer Surf Celebration Film Fest: Ian Masterson

Kamana Beamer

The ocean is vast and ultimately unknowable, and surfers feel a special connection to its mysteries.  Reverence for the ocean is central to surf culture, and to Ian Masterson’s mission at Windward Community College. He’s presenting a free surf film festival at the school with the goal of directing students, and the general public, to a greater appreciation and understanding of the sea around us. It’s at Palik? Theatre on the WCC campus Thursday, May 29, from 5:00–9:00 p.m. Free admission.

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Unintended Consequences of Pesticide Use: Tyrone Hayes

Tyrone Hayes

Almost a year ago, documents were released following a Freedom of Information request about a court case involving Swiss herbicide maker Syngenta. What was in those unsealed documents shocked some people, including University of California Berkley biologist, Tyrone Hayes. He had been targeted by the company to be discredited because his research on their product, Atrazine, had shown transformed male frogs into fully functioning reproductive females. Tyrone Hayes is in Hawaii to talk about the unintended consequences of agricultural chemicals. We talked yesterday and asked him what’s happened to him in the last year.

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Mark Twain in Hawaii: Jerry Tracy

Jerry Tracy

Jerry Tracy is the Artistic Director of Kona’s Aloha Performing Arts Company.   He’s coming to O’ahu to perform Mark Twain Rides Again, his one-man show adapted from the 1866 newspaper columns author Samuel Langhorne Clemens wrote for the Sacramento Union, Monday and Tuesday, May 26 and 27, at Mano’a Valley Theater.

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