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Omidyar Leadership Fellows; Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus; Kauai Litigation Team; Wine Workshop

Monday, May 12th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Omidyar Leadership Fellows: Leila Kagawa

Leila Kagawa

Leadership styles have been changing for decades, in part driven by technology. Still, how people manage other people is based on human interaction. As Millenials replace Baby Boomers in the workplace, what will be the key differences ...and what will Millenials bring to workplaces in the public sector? Leila Kagawa thinks about that. She’s the deputy director for the State Department of Human Resources Development and a recent member of the latest cohort of Omidyar Leadership Fellows.

Intro Music: Tell U What by Brittni Paiva

Outro Music: Sometime by Diiv

Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus: Malia Ka’ai-Barrett

Malia Ka'ai-Barrett

The Hawaii Youth opera chorus is building on a tradition that goes back to 1961. When it was founded, it was the “Opera Festival Children’s Choruses.”   Operagoers will recognize them as the children’s chorus in Hawaii Opera Theater productions, but they have a separate identity through their own annual performances.   Malia Ka’ai-Barrett is the General Manager of the Chorus, which has two performances coming up this week: its Spring Recital this Thursday at Orvis Auditorium at the University of Hawai’i-Mano‘a, and this Sunday afternoon at Kawaiahao Church.  Both events are free.

Intro Music: Giuseppe Verdi -  La Traviata, Act II, Scene 2 by Riccardo Muti

Outro Music: E Nana Kakou / Na Manu by Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus

Cost of Litigation on the Garden Isle: Darin Moriki

Darin Moriki

You might remember that it took $750,000 to reach a $290,000 settlement in the case of Kauai Councilman Tim Bynum early this year. Now Kauai County’s GMO bills are in court and the litigation is being handled by special counsel, at an unknown cost.  All that money has the Council considering a proposal to expand the County Attorney's office, instead of outsourcing to legal firms. The Garden Island Newspaper’s Darin Moriki has been reporting on the controversial issue and joined the show via phone.

Intro Music: Got Django by Hot Club of Hulaville

Outro Music:  Say For Certain by Generationals

Joy of Wine Workshop: Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush

People think of wine as one of life’s pleasures that you have to “know about” to enjoy, like classical music or ancient architecture, and there’s no doubt that a little knowledge can enhance your enjoyment.   With that in mind, Kauai Community College is offering a workshop in the joy of wine that should introduce folks to the nuances of something they probably enjoy already.   Jeff Bush is the man responsible, and he joined us on the phone from KCC.

Intro Music: The Passenger by Iggy Pop

Outro Music: Drinking Wine Spodee by Johnny Burnette

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