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Pono Choices; STEAM; Rights for Patients Who Are Deaf; Aiea Dance

Thursday, May 8th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Pono Choices: Camille Fleming

Camille Fleming

When Camille Fleming called the DOE to arrange for the mandatory training before receiving the state’s teen pregnancy and STI prevention curriculum, she heard something she couldn’t believe. She says she was told she was the only parent to call to ask. Later, when she went to the University’s Chancellor’s office, she found only one copy of the curriculum available. With all the controversy surrounding the Pono Choices program, she wondered whether there could really be so little demand from parents. Parent and law student Camille Fleming joined us this morning in studio.

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Hawaii Arts Alliance STEAM: Lei Ah Sing

Lei Ah Sing

Somewhere along the line, art and science got separated in the world of academe. The separation has done a disservice to both. Art without science can never amount to much, and science can’t progress without creative thinking. Consider history: Aristotle to Leonardo to Einstein:  Today there’s a welcome trend in education: STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  This summer the Hawaii Arts Alliance is offering a STEAM Teaching Institute: a Four-Day Workshop in connecting science and the arts.  Lei Ah Sing is the Education Director for the Alliance, and she’s with us this morning.

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Rights and Obligations for Patients Who Are Deaf: Bill Hoshijo

Bill Hoshijo

Think about what happens when you go to your doctor or other healthcare provider. How much information do you walk away really knowing? Now consider what would happen if you were among the 35 thousand in Hawaii’s deaf, hard of hearing or deaf blind community. Their rights and the legal obligations of healthcare providers are the subject of an education effort being launched by the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission. Executive Director, Bill Hoshijo joins us now.

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Aiea Dance 2014 Spring Dance Concert: Desiree Cremer

Desiree Cremer

Desiree Cremer is a true believer. Her passion is dance, and her outlet is teaching and inspiring the students at Aiea High School, where she has introduced hundreds of students over the years to ballet and modern dance.   Her program continues to grow – in its first year, it had 14 students; next year she’ll have 135 – and as she prepares them for their Spring Dance Concert 2014, we thought we’d talk to her about it.

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