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Aquaponics; Shen Yun Show; Political Comedy; Chef Sean Priester

Friday, May 2nd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Future of Aquaponics: David Walfish

David Walfish

Maybe you’ve grown a plant in water...hydroponic cultivation of plants in a mineral solution has been a staple of learning in  classrooms from kindergarten through graduate school, It’s also a soil-less alternative for beginning and  commercial gardeners. Aquaculture also grows plants in water, with the addition of small animals, fish, snails…. you get the idea. It’s been around for quite awhile, too, and in a small place such as Hawaii, could be one of the ways we will be able to feed ourselves in the future.  David Walfish is the co-founder of Ho’oulu Pacific a Waimanalo-based organization working to improve self-sufficiency and holistic health in the Pacific through innovations in farming and distributed agriculture.

Intro Music: Eye of Obarbas by The Aggrolites

Outro Music: Green Garden by Laura Mvula

Shen Yun Show: Hong Jiang

Hong Jiang

Art and politics have been on a collision course in China for generations, ever since Chairman Mao’s post-Second World War cultural revolution, which repudiated a cultural tradition with roots that went back thousands of years.    That troubled history forms a background to Shen Yun, the performing arts ensemble that celebrates traditional Chinese music, dance, and folklore … It’s coming to town next week, and Hong Jiang is here to tell us the story behind the touring show.

Intro Music: Battling Against Typhoon by Zhou Taotao

Outro Music: Singing and Dancing for Peace by Chinese Classical Troupe of Beijing

Political Comedy: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

You have to look down the list to find the definition of comedy as humorous entertainment. It’s far easier to get examples of it on your screen of choice, and not just on late night  TV. Political comedy is more accessible now than ever in history, no longer cartoons or Punch and Judy Shows although there may be  some similarities  for Dennis Miller. He’s coming to Honolulu next week and we recently talked about comedy. I asked him how he’d characterize political humor now…

Intro Music: Letter by Marian

Outro Music: La Gloria by Gotan Project

Chef Sean Priester

Sean Priester

Chefs are a breed unto themselves, able to make fine art out of what others dismiss as an everyday chore.   And like all specialists, they may sometimes feel that nobody understands them – except other chefs.  With that in mind we asked Sean Priester, local master chef, to take us inside the world of a new movie, coming to the Honolulu Museum of Art this weekend.  The movie is Le Chef, a French comedy, and Sean is preparing a menu to accompany the screening.

Intro Music: Priscilla by Yellowjackets

Outro Music: A Man And A Woman by DLG Orchestra

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